Smart Launches World's First Pay With Load Service for App Store andiTunes!

Friday, March 06, 2015

It's here and it's the biggest announcement yet this 2015. It's something we're all excited about because it's the first time a telco would do it in the Philippines. Actually, let me correct myself, it's the first in the world to ever do this, to integrate things to have "internet for all". Smart wants to bring the Internet to Filipinos even more. It's in their  DNA to provide online payment solutions especially for those who don't have credit cards.

No need to maintain an account, you use the full power of your apple decices and pay with your prepaid load or postpaid accounts. See? It's that easy! This is called "Pay with Mobile" and doing it is easy!

Step 1 Text the word REG to 4949, you'll receive your confirmation together with account details. 

Step 2: Enter the details of your account on the APPLE ID MENU. Your Philippine address, card number and security code.

Step 3: Then go ahead and purchase your games, apps and in app add ons and you'll use the details you indicated earlier.

Since it's convenient, you get charged like 15% on top of your purchase. That consists of 12% VAT and other fees by the government. Itunes will also be providing after sales support if you encounter any problems with it. The roll out will be on February 16 and full availability will commence on February 18. Now there's no more reason to be taken advantage by Android users when playing Clash of Clans. See what I mean? :) 

Every purchase, you'll get a notification. So if your kids fiddle around with your ipad or iPhone, you'll know it. There's also an option to opt off by texting OFF to 4949.

It's EASY, CONVENIENT and DIRECT to use the biggest innovation yet by the biggest network, that's SMART!


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