Bianca Umali Celebrates With Street Kids in "Art In Island"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We met a beautiful Bianca Umali a few days ago. We celebrated her birthday at the new "Art In Island" 3D Art Museum in Cubao, Quezon City. I didn't know it was just behind Bellinis and the old Cubao Expo. I believe this place is owned by Koreans and some artists from their country went here and made everything. I think this one is the biggest in the country and perhaps one of the biggest in the world too. Bianca Umali's guests were from "Kaisahan ng Buhay Foundation" which caters to street kids and aims to have every child be cared for by a family. Their priorities lie in Family Preservation, Family Reunification and their Permanent Placement.

Bianca is still in "Once Upon a Kiss" opposite Miguel Tanfelix. They're very close right now and even on the eve of Bianca's birthday, Miguel was actually there to celebrate with her and her family. A simple dinner ensued but it's these things that Bianca feels so special. She also got a gift from Miguel which she'll tell on this video interview. I apologize for some of the questions I'm asking, I haven't had coffee yet during this time haha! She'll also tell you about the Eat Bulaga Lenten special she'll be doing with THE Marian Rivera and directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal.

Aside from that, Bianca also toured the kids inside the museum. It was fun because even I was amazed at the place's murals! I would highly suggest you come here with your friends and family. I think it costs around 500 for the entrance, they also will ask you to take off your shoes while you're there. Super recommended for kids who have really good imagination!

We also met Ms. Jennylyn Mercado. The little kid in the orange shirt is Jenny's son.

Bianca had so much fun with the kids, especially on the super big murals in the center of Art In Island.

Bianca also shared her blessings, together with GMA Artist Center, Art In Island, Zagu, Ellips Cologne, BUM, Aquabest and Zanea shoes. Kids and their guardians went home super happy that they get to see Bianca in the flesh, plus some goodies to take home too to their family and friends. Such a generous heart, super humble, she's really bound to be successful in this industry. I hope her wishes do come true! Happy birthday dear!


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