Fujifilm's Launch Of The X-A2 and New Endorser Tim Yap

Monday, March 16, 2015

We had the chance to see the launch of the newest camera from Fuji a couple of days ago. In attendance were executives from Fujifilm Philippines Inc. headed by its President Takashi Sasaki (in full Samurai form). They are here to launch the new FUJIFILM X-A2. It's Fuji's best and latest camera  that has got an interchangeable lens, a 175' tilting LCD, automatic eye detection focus that would make this the perfect selfie camera. It's also got a direct Instax Share Printing feature that would be able to get your photos printed in seconds!

The X-A2 also has Auto Macro Autofocus and Multi Targeted Autofocus. If you are taking portraits, or subjects on matrix mode, you have that taken cared of easily. The tilting LCD was really meant to make it easy for users to see subjects even on odd angles. All of which will be seen in X Series image quality, a mark that only Fujifilm has.

The camera also has the ability to have interchangeable lenses, if the shoe fits, you can use different lengths which will give users the ability to shoot in different conditions and distances. It's even powered with a flash so intelligent, that it controls light output according to set individual scenes. So if you've got something against the light, it won't be a problem with the Fujifilm X-A2. Now that's something I'd want to experience soon. I didn't have the chance to use it during the event because people were just too busy with it!

We even had a few contests in between to win fun prizes such as instax cameras of different models. It even includes one that has wifi built in so you can print and send photos directly to your gadgets too.

Looks like their direction is into getting connected. The chance to tell your story through photography and making it easy for each individual user to share the media faster through different devices is not just becoming a fad, but more of a necessity. It definitely makes life easy.

Oh and it was the opportune time to also welcome to the Fujifilm family their newest endorser. It's Eventologist cum Talkshow host Tim Yap. He also had to do the compulsory X sign that's unique to the Philippine endorsers. Now, there's more cameras that would fit your lifestyle if it comes from Fujifilm Philippines. You may check them out in Fujifilm stores and partner resellers nationwide! Now I wonder how I'd be able to test one... so I could tell if it's time to crossover from the darkside. :)


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