Bridgestone Teaches More Filipinos About Tire Safety

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You've probably heard of the brand a couple of times since they're very involved in the sports cars industry or have probably seen it in the streets of Manila once or twice in your lifetime being used as radial tires of cars or jeepneys whatever the case may be. It looks like they're upping the anté this time and figured to address one of the most important part of the Filipino motorist's life, and that's safety. Bridgestone Philippines' Ms. Ruby Gan says "Hindi na pwede ang pwede na!" (which literally means "It's not okay to be just okay!") a standard that is mostly uttered or brushed off by Filipinos. Bridgestone feels we deserve the best and if it's just mediocre, we definitely do not have to just accept it as is. They tell us how it is important to have quality tires because as per statistics, there are tons of accidents that have been caused by poor quality tires and this has got to stop. You've probably seen it increase quite rapidly in the rainy season where buses even cars go off route or fall into ravines and cause death. It's not a lauging matter, so they've also launched a Free Tire Check Service Program at Bridgestone Philippines which you can now access through so you and I could get educated about tire safety, a thing that they hope would address lack of tire knowledge. They are doing this for free!

Now you've got a place to ask for motoring concerns, driver safety, and know how your tires can get you better mileage, make your car fuel efficient, and lessen your carbon footprint. They also have videos and tons of material that can make you a tad more educated when it comes to tire safety, accesible on the internet anytime of the day. 

Here are some videos which you can check out while you're at it!

You may visit their website or follow their social media channels @BridgestonePH on IG and Twitter. Take that leap and be better on the road and show those Bridgestone tires out there!

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