Julie Anne San Jose Launches "Chasing The Light" Album

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I was a bit late but was fortunate enough to catch Julie Anne San Jose at the blogcon for her new album Chasing The Light. It has been her pet project this year and now that it's out, she's excited to share all these optimistic and upbeat tunes she's been working on these past few months. She's a stalwart of OPM and she's also coming out with a new music video for one of the tracks on the album, something that you should definitely watch out for. 

I was kind of torn about asking her about what's happening with her love life right now but Julie Anne was very accommodating albeit a bit uncomfortable about it. She admitted they are definitely in the "getting to know each other stage" and she's quite happy about it. I felt she was wishing some of people would understand that she too is human and is capable to love and be loved, a thing that I totally agree with. I mean, she's been working so hard all these years, I truly believe she deserves to be happy. She's a very smart girl, whoever she chooses in the near future is surely going to be her responsibility and everyone knows she can handle that. (Sorry this is becoming a bit opinionated but I just can't help it!).

She also talked about how almost half of the people she used to work with have already jumped ship and gone to the other station, but she answered quite emphatically saying that she misses them all, she misses the time they perform together in shows but wants some way, some day soon, that they would be still be able to work together in other projects because the music industry is so small that there will come a time that they would still meet again.  She's not closing her doors to opportunities but have steadfastly said she knows how much she's been taken cared of in GMA and knows how to give back "utang na loob" (with honor) when she needs to. Sitting with her across the table made me see a more genuine lady, still with big dreams and aspirations. She's still working towards that goal, and still give back to the things she's passionate for. 

I played her CD right after I went home today and listened to her tracks. I like "All Abour You", and "Never Alone" personally but the other tracks and music were quite as good. With 10 songs including a bonus track "Just Stay" plus an acoustic version of "Naririnig Mo Ba" (Can You Hear Me), this physical album and things on iTunes will surely be worth your money. It's refreshing, down right lovely to hear her work on these songs and she wants you to hear it all. 

Here's part of our interview on video, enjoy!

So if you played the video, you know that Julie Anne San Jose will be performing in 2 provinces and a tour in Canada (probably in more cities). So make sure you follow her on her channels to keep updated!


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