SMART Launchpad Station Opens This Weekend at SM Megamall

Friday, July 22, 2016

Hey Youtubers! Or people who just watch and upload videos to the website! You see, Smart just partnered up with Youtube and is launching SMART Launchpad. It's definitely not too late to put out content out there so you can broadcast yourself and show your talent. But what about taking it a step further by getting you a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles just by doing 4 easy steps!

Smart is doing a couple of Own It Concerts in these coming months so apart from giving you that treat I'm sure some of you are getting inspired to perform just like your idols. Go to SM Megamall Atrium this weekend (July 23 and 24 so you can try out Smart's very own Upload Stations (which has blazing internet speeds by the way!) so you can record yourself and get discovered on Youtube! You can learn from some of the best Youtubers too by joining their workshops and learn from the experts themselves!

If you get to join, you'll have the chance to go to Los Angeles in the US so you too can collaborate with famous Youtubers and have your videos seen worldwide! Isn't that awesome?!

I'll also be there this Saturday and maybe, just maybe we can try it too. I haven't been singing or dancing or just plain talking online that much so I might just do that this Saturday afternoon. Who knows I might get the chance to win ha-ha! 

See you there!

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