Despicable Me Now at Mister Donut!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I don't know about you but I think the cutest thing to have ever been drawn on screen is The Minions, the cute little creatures that have been working so hard to please their master in the movie. Our love and affinity for them doesn't just stop there, I'm sure you have toys, tons of stuff that have Minions on all of them. Today I'm going to tell you about what lovely things Mister Donut has released recently!

Oh yes! It's Despicable Me! All the Minions plus all the characters will be personified and immortalized in no less than super good Mister Donut products. They'll be in those lovely and soft Donuts, plus it's always good to take home those FunPasalubongBox's right? It's not too sweet, perfect for the kids, but they won't run around so much because of sugar rush.... a welcome thing for the parents.

Mister Donut also has that hit brewed coffee, made fresh every day so you, your friends and family could enjoy it inside the store. Might I suggest also some of the croissants that they have because it's huge, can be good to share. There are also some Japanese donuts that's also one of their best sellers, it's so cute as it is also made to look like a flower. There's also Bavarian Donuts which in their case is filled to the brim unlike the others who only have it filled half way. They also do it twice inside so you can get that Bavarian filling each time you do bite!

Now there's more reason for you to go to a Mister Donut shop. Drop by today after church or perhaps if you decide to treat your family out for merienda or dessert!


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