Lipton Gets Real Iced Tea in a Bottle!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I've had this brand in our pantry for ages as much of the people at home are heavy tea drinkers. We also get a little festive at home, even more when there are guests of friends and family so we do get Liptom Iced Tea served in so many ways. It makes conversation fun, sweetens up things and keeps us hydrated. It gives that positive vibe no matter what time of the day!

The good news is, Lipton is evolving. They want their products to fit a new generation of tea drinkers as they up the antè with taste and the benefits you get from having real tea. The drink also has low calorie content so you don't have to worry doing other things all throughout the day because it's light and easy. The Green Tea variant was a favorite at home, with that light lemon flavor, you get the lovely refreshing feeling in each gulp because you know it goes good in any situation. The Red Tea on the other hand has that lovely deeper tea flavor but with a hint of orange, making it sweet but a little tangy. The classic Lemon Iced Tea on the other hand still satisfies me. Sitting on the top floor balcony, letting the sun shine while you watch the sun set on the horizon. Ending the day with a sweet note, dreamy, but imagine all the possibilities!

Lipton pushes you for positive change. Take it easy, take it one day at a time. Make yourself enjoy the moment and see how you, your friends, and family could make every day a #LiptonPositiviTEA day! I'll go ahead and share these bottles to the most precious people at home, so go buy one in your favorite convenience stores, groceries, supermarket and be a good man or woman by bringing positivity to friends and family everyday!

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