New Sennheiser Devices Takes Audio Quality Seriously

Saturday, July 30, 2016

I visited the Egghead Audiohub through the invitation of Sennheiser folks a couple of days ago. I've been a fan of their products especially the microphones, but had little knowledge about their other audio products. Turns out they have a whole line of headphones and their flagship products have been released recently and we got to try them out recently. I imagined it to be some unfathomable high tech devices but the two kind gentlemen from Singapore put it in plain words for me and a couple of bloggers I was with that afternoon. I'm not much of an audio expert, but since I have background in Engineering I know the concepts of  audio and acoustics. These are the same technologies they use for features of the headphones particularly the noise cancellation so you can take care of those in the background. I learned a lot in one hour, but I bet you guys should be in it too.

This is the Momentum wireless headphone. It comes in Over Ear and On Ear models and are quite comfy. As for aesthetics, they do present their designs as very modern in terms of technology but is still reminiscent of what was happening in the 70's. Yes, you'll get that classic look but you won't be shortchanged on technology. These headphones both have 90% noise cancellation technology. It's so remarkable to compare them with the other while we were there at the Egghead Audiohub because you can literally try them on first before purchasing it.

I actually like the On Ear version most because my ears are kinda out there - and this basically makes my face look smaller as it gets pressed or tucked in gently. I swear I could wear this for hours and not get tired while listening to my favorite music. I could picture myself in my man cave and have this for pleasure, a thing that countless men would do in their spare time.

These are the HD 650 (left) and the HD 630VB (right). It's quite different for a reason because the left one is designed Open which means you can get the air travel freely on the headphones. You'll get that open air concert venue quality which is quite lovely especially for those who love voice/crooner type of music, plus the comfort wearing it because air flows in and out. The other Closed type headphone on the right is quite fancy, it's got dials on the headphone's sides so you can play with bass levels. It's also got a manual switch for iPhone or Android remotes so you can control it. You're also assured of quality as it is made in Ireland, standards are a little better there!

These are the HD 800 and HD 800S. It's available in Silver, Matte black finish. The headphone's "absorber" technology makes smoother sound even more easier to listen to - so you can use it for longer times. This would be great for unplugged music and make you feel that you are there in a concert, or studio. It costs roughly around Php 66,990 and Php 92,990 and is made from Germany. A lot of concert artists and professional musicians use it, and it sounds absolutely phenomenal I'd want one for myself.

This one is the Amplifier HDVD 800, it costs around Php 115,990. I was quite interested about this because of the cable that they're using with it. As with any sound equipment, I know that cables matter. Their Balanced Cable actually improves sound and it comes with the headphone already. For the quality it gives, I'm sure this specialized connections have played a role on how sound would turn out on the device. Remember, each wire has resistance, when you run current through it makes or break the acoustics and engineering has played a huge role in getting that perfect sound to come off of it.

Thank you so much to Egghead Audiohub and these young fine gentlemen from Sennheiser who accommodated us inside the store. You should come and visit as they have these new Sennheiser models on display which you can try out even before you purchase it. They've got a studio at the back too so don't be afraid to ask if you want to experience world class audio in one place. Egghead Audiohub is at the Shangrila Mall's East Wing, at the 5th floor left side if you're facing the main entrance. They are open mall hours so go ahead and take a look!


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