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Monday, July 04, 2016

Had a good amount of energy today so I decided to drop by at Cafe Enye in Eastwood City. It's a casual restaurant that serves colonial Spanish cuisine. I could see a couple of these dishes served at my home because obviously I'm a Bueno, but I'm quite new to this concept where they have promotions for Bros who Brunch. You can order a wide selection of plated brunch menus which will more or less contain these items below. They're in big servings and you can also add Php 199 so you can get bottomless mimosas and bloody mary. That's a smashing deal that happens every weekend from 9AM to 2PM until the promo lasts. I could sense they designed this for night workers who would want to get a drink or two the morning after. Most of the plates are below 300 too so you get upscale dining for less with your friends or office mates. Here's more reason to visit Cafe Enye.

Mahi Mahi Cubanos. These are special fish only found in the tropics, generally prized for their really good meat, a little scarce in most areas. These were made into sandwiches, sliced up in it's toasted crusty bread that could fill you up in no time at all. Loved it.

My personal favorite is this, Scotch Eggs. Meaty ham bits enveloped in crunchy batter and bread crumbs. They have different dips too so you get choices.

This one's their Gambas. It's rough but spicy, just enough to keep your rice and whole meal interesting. I do suggest you get a little more than a bottle of beer before taking an interest with this one because aside from the conversations, you might as well have it to chill out with your crew.

Why wouldn't you want to get this for size. It's mussels and clams in one dish. I think they got this from the Tapas style of meals in Spain, the 300 years must have done a lot for this to happen eh?!

This one's a little Filipino, it's home made Beef Tapa. Well seasoned beef strips dried and fried for your breakfast. They've got a mean Enye Rice to go with this as well. They've got that in some plates but you can always ask for it. Pretty good.

This one is well marinated, really good Fried Milkfish. If you think about it, this would be one of your more healthy options for the weekend. Don't forget to order Mimosas or Bloody Mary since that's bottomless, I'd suggest the Mimosa though as that's a bit more "citrus" than the other one. But potato potatoes.

I forgot the name of this one but it's pretty much a Fritata. It's got sausages and bacon too if I'm not mistaken. It's a common thing on Tapas.

I like this one too, the Pork Skewers are pretty much like Sate. Thin strips make a good canvas so whatever concoction they made for the marinade, it seeped in. Then grilled lightly.

This one is the Bacon and Sausages, I can imagine having wine with this but since it's more of brunch it can still be good with rice.

This one is a little on the curry side, these are Fish Skewers. I like how they did it with very strong spices, it almost fell off the skewers as it is very soft. 

The Pollo Croquettas were soft and lovely. I like the dips they also have on the side, made it like you want to paint on canvas.

My plate was a story but what's more interesting is that there's a big charity side to this story. You see these weekend lunch stories actually include them selling shirts as they are actually donating the proceeds to Big Brother Big Sister Foundation which helps children from indigenous areas to get to school and be supported for one year. This year's goal is to actually send around 800 kids so your help will really go a long way. It's not just you benefiting from the good meals you get in Cafe Enye but you also get to help a kid go to school, isn't that amazing?!

Again, just go to Cafe Enye in Eastwood City. It's at the ground floor of Excelsior Building right across the J.Co store and Starbucks. You won't miss it. Just ask the concierge or security, they mostly know how to get you there. #BrosWhoBrunch happens every weekend from 9AM to 2PM. Make sure you drop by and drag your family and friends. It's going to be easy to convince them with the Mimosas and Bloody Mary on the invite. There's craft beers too, quite affordable. Won't cost you an arm, leg or kidney.


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