Smart Launches BIGGEST Data Offer Ever: The Smart Giga Surf 50!

Sunday, July 03, 2016

These days, I have been very busy thinking about how much videos I have been uploading on Youtube and it has taken a toll on the data allowance that I have on my line from SMART. From press conferences, to food reviews, to hotel tours, I've done that on Youtube and other websites because I need to show you how it is in the real world. Now I thought I was going to have a problem with that but good news come very fast. Did you know about Smart's biggest data offer launched recently?

Now lookie here! It's not April 1st and you're NOT staring at a big joke. It's true! It's BIGGER, it's BETTER than ever! Smart gives you GIGA SURF 50! It's 1 GB of data for only 50 Philippine Pesos, but the thing is, you'll still get additional 300 MB for Youtube, iFlix and a whole lot more services on your data allowance. That's a whole gigabyte and more so you're definitely getting your money's worth and getting free data for your video services not counted against your data because we all know big that is on a normal day. To get it, just go on and text the keyword GIGA50 to 9999. Now that you're all getting the hang of it, you will have more data for those school projects, Facebook posts, Twitter updates and just about anything you would want to do on the world wide web!

If you're with your friends or family and they suddenly lost internet connection, you can be the hero by getting them needed data via a new data allowance transfer service by texting the word PASADATA MB then send it to 808. 

They also have released the Php 1,288 Prepaid Smartphone kit which you can get in Smart Wireless Centers and authorized dealers nationwide. Smart is also building more facilities to take advantage of that recent frequency acquisition they got from SMC, taking your data rates and speed into different levels, one that I've witnessed even at the confines of my own home. I wasn't getting that much signal here because there are tons of walls and furniture around here but since they started implementing changes in frequency settings and whatever thingamajig towers lately, I do considerably see a whole lotta difference when I connect now. Now it's more faster, can reach really difficult places, and can get me the necessary upload rates I need to get your videos uploaded in a few minutes, done on the same day!

If you check out my blog lately, I've been uploading more videos, photos, and stories on the same day of the event, now that's how you live a smart life eh!?? Visit to find out more about the first 1GB offer from the BIGGEST network in the country, SMART! Make sure you ask about why #BiggerIsBetter and why it's easy to do PasaData and subscribe to #SmartGigaSurf. Now there's no more reason to run out of data if you're on Postpaid, Prepaid or just plain Smart Bro!


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