4 New Regal Babies: David Licauco, Chanel Morales, Danes Lee and Jerico Ejercito

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I was able to cover the launch of the Regal Babies last 2015 and yesterday, I was a little surprised they're adding 4 more artists to the roster. Mother Lily certainly has never let down in discovering new talents and the ones I saw looked very promising. We had a small chat with them and got them all on video but before that let me introduce you to the new Regal Babies!

David Licauco is a professional model. He's been featured in various magazines and has been able to capture the hearts of ladies young and old. He's got a body of a demigod and those charming chinky eyes that would make your knees weak, how can you not love this boy? Aside from that, he's a title holder. He placed 1st Runner Up in Mr. Chinatown 2014, a sure fire reason to adore him even more. He's also raring to do drama or action movies, also very straight forward on the way he talks which is something I find really refreshing for those who usually filter their answers on interviews. Aside from that, he's very well educated. He just finished his course recently and he's very proud of his accomplishments. You'll love how he looks in person, and if you get to watch him on screen. I bet, he's going to be loved by a lot of ladies. 

Chanel Morales is no stranger to show business as she's been one of the prettiest in TV5's stable for quite some time now. She's been released recently and this comes as an opportune time to spread her wings as an actress. I think I still get the gist of people looking at her to be an "expensive" kind of lady, as she is classy whilst her looks fit the role. Although when I got the chance to get to know her personally, she's actually a cowgirl, really nice and approachable. She's done countless shows in the former network and after signing up with Regal, she wants to do more romantic, drama and even horror flicks. I like her personality, quite bubbly. If she's done a remarkable job in previous shows, I'm sure she's bound to do good with more projects now that she's with the legendary film outfit. It was a pleasure talking to you dear!

Danes Lee (as Danielle Lee is fondly called) is formerly also from the Kapatid Network. She's done several shows and is very pleasing to the eyes. She's very confident, I like the way she carries herself. She's also the sister of Divine Lee, whom she says will cater more of hosting gigs while she's going to concentrate more on acting. She's quite beautiful and I could see her into more sexy comedy flicks or perhaps drama, she's up to anything. She also wants to become a beauty queen and follow the footsteps of Pia Wurtzbach or Megan Young, I could see her doing that too.

 Jerico Ejercito also hails from the said clan. He's the grand son of former Laguna Governor Jeorge ER Estregan Ejercito and definitely picks up after their looks. I was surprised how very matured he thinks whilst telling us about his passion in acting. He's also a champion body builder hence the sculptured physique. You could tell he's a very intelligent lad by the way he talks, he also graduated Political Science in De La Salle University. He also learned a thing or two from growing up with showbiz family members and is eager to learn from the best actors in the industry. He's keen to do more action films in the future and very hungry to do challenging roles where he could further learn the ropes in the showbiz industry as he believes he's got to do the legwork and not just rely on his family connections. A noble guy with good looks and that body? Now ladies, don't you want to take him home to Mom and get married? LOL

Mother Lily remarks "I'm very excited! My Regal Babies have consistently turned out to be box office superstars and I'm sure these 4 are no exception. I see a very bright future for David, Chanel, Danes and Jerico.

The new Regal Babies are also managed by renowned Talent Manager Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit. Regal Films' Roselle Monteverde exclaims "We trust Arnold's sharp eye in discovering talents. He's got a long roster of stars under his belt and his credibility is unquestionable. We're happy that we got to work with him and his talents for future projects that will be made for this generation." Now that sounds so re-assuring! 

Here's our interview with David Licauco, Chanel Morales, Danes Lee and Jerico Ejercito. Enjoy!  

Here are some shots from the contract signing yesterday!

Thank you to Regal Films, Sir Tinnie, Sir Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit for having us in your event! Can't wait to see them all on the silver screen soon!

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