Sofitel Manila Says "C'est Trop Bon" This French Month

Thursday, July 07, 2016

This month at Sofitel Manila sparks another reason to celebrate Bastille Day, the French National Day done every July 14. It's celebrated around the world too and since Sofitel Manila boasts of French charm with the Filipino service, they're going to make you feel the love the whole month by doing "C'est Trop Bon" (which literally means It's So Good) bring the best cheeses around the world (Oh yes around 220+), wines, plus the various French staples into the world class Spiral buffet restaurant this month. 

Autour de Fromage (Around Cheese!)

Sofitel is hooking you up with Cheese experts too by letting you experience advanced appreciation of cheese with Colin Chandaras. He's going to get you learn a little more about this lovely dairy product at Spiral's L'Epicerie during lunch and dinner from July 6-10, 2016.

During the press conference, they had us learn more about 200+ cheeses which this man brought from France in a suitcase. It smelled so good in the room, it was heavenly!

I'll let you appreciate the cheese more by having you see these all on photos! Enjoy!

On the far left, that's Ossau Iraty AOC. From two regions in France, it's nutty, delicious and robust.

There are tons more like the Thym Tamarre, Bleu de Gex, Pelardon, Maroilles, Tomme Corse, Valencay (the lovely moldy one), Rouleau de Provence, Morbier Bichonne, Brillat Savarin, Fourmette croix de Chazelle and Nenuphar (the one with lots of herbs!).

Now I thought this was cheese, but apparently it's butter and those things are not mold but herbs and spices mixed in with pure butter. It was pretty good!

Sofitel's very own chef's whipped up a Cheese Fondue using a really great bottle of wine and used 2 types of cheeses just for this contraption. I loved how fast they did it, I told them how you're supposed to keep the bread on the fork otherwise you're going to kiss the person on your right. They were creeped out hahah!

Spiral French Month Specials

Aside from the lovely cheese, you've got a lot of French staples to be served in Spiral. On Bastille Day, the rate will be only Php 2,100++ for lunch, Php 2,750++ for dinner. Make sure you ask them here for reservations or inquiries.

Oh yes, you're not seeing things. These are French Macarons now included in the dessert buffet in Spiral.

They even had us sample some cute Eclairs, really good!

This one is called Tartiflette. It's a dish commonly made in the Savoy region. It's made of Potatos, tons of cheese, lardo and onions.

If there's cheese, there's bout to be pizza right? This one has anchovies, olives, some nutty leaves on top. It's a mix of different intensities of salty, and savory. Then placed on a crunchy crust, it was really good.

You can't call it a French spread without including Escargot. They've got herbs done in the sauce then placed on the snail shells. I was a little hesitant to try it at first, but it was really good.

You might think this is just chicken, but it's the sauce that makes it special. They used Foie Gras and melted it in a velvety cream sauce. Chicken with Foie Gras Sauce is made of dreams.

This is Duck Confit with Lentils. Crispy skin and soft meat, plus the lentils that have been boiled for quite some time it kinda melts together. Really good.

Petit Pois A Ala Francaise (A small pot of France) is a pot of green peas, onions and lettuce. This is poached in butter, crème fraiche and stock. This is a classic vegetable dish found mostly anywhere in France.

Beef Tartare is raw beef, mixed in with onions, capers, spices, herbs, some home made mayo on top too. I love this!

Come celebrate French month at Sofitel Manila and do what the French do. Tons of cheese, lovely buffet spread, one of the best in the world! I broke my standards of buffets after I experienced Spiral and you should experience that too. For more details about their offers, check out their channels below!


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