Sweet Ecstasy Opens in Uptown Parade BGC

Monday, July 04, 2016

There's a new place in BGC that some of you should visit. If you're a fan of Sweet Ecstasy in Cubao a few years back (which unfortunately has closed already), they've been aggressively opening other branches already all over Metro Manila. This one however is situated very near Valkyrie in BGC. The complex is called Uptown Parade and this is their third branch after Regis Center in Katipunan, and Jupiter Street in Makati. Honestly, I haven't been to Sweet X (which they fondly call it) so this is a first for me and their BGC Uptown Parade branch is a good place to find comfort food when it's a bit too traffic to go home. This place is owned by Ms. Gelli Victor, Monica Francesca (RX Jock) and their other partners. They know how much the district actually needs a place for hanging out before people actually go to the nearby clubs, and they present a very awesome refuge for wings, burgers and craft beers. Speaking of which, we ordered different ones just for kicks!

This one was a tad sweet, it felt like it wasn't alcoholic but the mean label says otherwise. Comes smooth, Azrael liked it!

Ted and I had the Sierra Madre Wheat Ale which was sort of a wheat based beer, it's surprisingly light but you'll still get buzzed if you had a couple of bottles.

Enzo liked the Fish Rider Pale Ale and I've already tasted this in other bars, it's quite nice for bar chows and a good conversation starter don't you think?
This one's their Buffalo Wings. I asked for their hottest one and this is what the person on the counter suggested to me. It was spicy yeah, got that kick but it was bearable. It's Tabasco so it was tangy and hot, but I wanted it more HOT and I think they've got off the menu items to solve that. Kindly ask them because I can't really put the words here because it's explicit haha!

For a milder feel, or flavor, they've got these mean wings too. They call it Sriracha Wings, as they've probably used the Thai hot sauce to fuel it. Pretty good!

This burger wasn't mine haha. It's Sweet Ecstasy's Cheeseburger. They would actually ask you to customize how you want your ONIONS to be made and Ted wanted it to be caramelized, looks good eh?! He says they did it right on the grill. They also use 100% pure beef for the patties and I could see they did that in the kitchen. I like it.

This was mine. I wanted it crunchy and pungent so I had my Sweet Ecstasy Cheeseburger with Fresh Onions. It's not date food I know, but it's that exact thing that makes it appealing to me. I wanted to taste the onions so I went with that.
Azrael also got a Sweet Ecstasy Cheeseburger but had the onions made grilled. As you can see it also got caramelized a bit and by the looks of it, he loved it too.
Sweet Ecstasy Uptown Parade officially opens its doors today. I've seen Marian Rivera, Jennylyn Mercado, Raymund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and a couple of other artists enjoy what they had that afternoon. Their prices? Not to worry because they're very affordable. You get premium quality burgers, wings and beers in this location and it's perfect before you party out in other establishments. Don't even think of drinking without eating something, that's totally unhealthy. But trust me on splurging with a burger, it helps heal your soul. These are X-citing times!


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