Aqua Adventures with Encantadia's Alena: Gabbi Garcia

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A fun day with one of Encantadia's Sanggre sounds like a nice idea. This time, we're heading to Manila Bay to be with half of the GabRu love team, Gabbi Garcia. She's one of the nicest gals I've ever come across with and she's very down to earth. Now that she's part of Encantadia, she's so excited to play the role of Alena of whom was formerly played by Karylle Tatlonghari. She auditioned for this role and tried out other things, but she was so eager to get to play this particular Sanggre from day 1 and when she got it, she says it was like destiny.

They're currently fighting in the ratings game and even though they have a behemoth program to beat, they still fared quite good in Luzon wide ratings. This is something she was realy thankful for because fans of the show are surely still watching it. We started to talk to her but we needed to make this day a little more adventurous, we ended up doing something that represents her element, in the water, playing with fishes and all!

Here's our fun interview with Gabbi Garcia!

Thank you so much GMA Artist Center for having us!

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