Goodyear Unleashes Wrangler Triple Max

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Spent the evening at Goodyear Wrangler Triple Max Launch over at Green Sun in Makati. I saw Goodyear APAC, Asia and Philippine executives discussing how important the Philippine market is for their brand. A roadtrip has that unique ability to make the family, the community close and Goodyear has been a good part of Filipino motorists. They are gearing towards making it more affordable, but not discount quality which they have done through the years. Now, they're making that roadtrip even more special by launching the Goodyear Wrangler Triple Max!

Goodyear executives have announced how they carefully made this tire withstand the elements in a tropical country like ours. They know we have special needs. For superior breaking performance, improved wet weather driving control, road hazard resistant, they made the Wrangle Triple Max with innovations that also came from their technologists and consumers like us. They asked, and they know thay the mid sized SUV is a special segment and it is what families need in places like these. It is dependable, sage and has that Hydro Grip Technology so you get superior brake performance, so you eventually would worry less and just enjoy driving.  

That peace of mind is insurmountable and can only be given to you through quality products. The ASEAN and the Philippines is growing and purchase of cars will happen even more in the next few years. They have seen growth already and it might not stop in the next few years. The cavity design, tread compound and architecture of materials, you can depend on Wrangler Triple Max just like its predecessors because they know why safety is your number one concern when you drive with your family.

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