AUDIOFLY Lands at Digits Trading and Beyond the Box Stores

Thursday, July 21, 2016

We traveled all the way to Makati City the other day to get the chance to get to know a new brand that's about to join the premium products that Digits Trading has to offer. They're called AUDIOFLY, an audio accessory brand whose expertise lie in building and designing headphones. They've lived up to the expectations of international artists and local musicians in Australia and they're bringing it to Philippine shores so we could experience more. I guess we deserve the best too.

Their philosophy in design tells a lot how they want the quality of their products to turn out. Even though they're sticking to classics, they don't bat an eyelash when it comes to pushing boundaries, to innovate and achieve superior detail when it comes to these devices. Vintage products is something that they wanted to get used to, something that has stood the test of time, durable and tested. This is included in their design process, they thought about different industries and produced tons of designs to find the right one. They wanted quality to be the prime reason YOU would buy an Audiofly.

The markets in Asia are the biggest and they're excited to have the presence at Digits Trading and Beyond the Box where this will be exclusively sold first. The musical experience in these devices have been done with professional musicians. It's based in Australia but they have been included in various expo's around the world because they know with Audiofly, every detail counts. 

This is ideal for public places as it also has sound isolation technology and just recently, local musicians and artists have also tried and tested the earphones and monitors on live gigs. It went pretty well and one of them said that you can totally zone out and concentrate on your songs. A young lady performed during the launch and we did see her enjoy the small run because she's got Audiofly on her ear. It's clear, crisp, every note has insane detail because this is what the brand stands for too, the ultimate clarity of music. 

The AF33 has a custom voiced dynamic driver, noise isolating silicon tips (for the ear plugs), you can also use it to make calls and control music with it.
The A45M has almost the same features with the exception of the custom voiced drivers, the AF33 uses 9mm while this one uses 11mm. This one uses Audioflex cables too, a tough one that could withstand everyday wear and tear.

The AF56 is one of their nicest in-ear earphones with a 13mm dynamic driver. It promises outstanding clarity, making every track you hear rich and detailed. This would be perfect for meticulous composers who plan to make more music.

The AF78 uses a combination of technologies, uses hybrid dual drivers. You'll get that sophisticated sound you're looking for in this set. It's got machined anodised alloy bezel with precision laser cut venting in the back for acoustic greatness, something you'll never find in designs other brands.

As for me, the AF45 is already sufficient for what I do at work. If I needed to arrange interviews and transcribe material, this would be fine. I also compose music and create melody for some of my friends. This is already professional grade so for that function alone, it's on a different league!
Audiofly is exclusively available in Digits Trading affiliated stores and Beyond the Box stores. You can take advantage of these high quality audio accessories that are affordable for what it's worth. A thing that's already tested by musicians, designed with them in mind says a lot for what Audiofly is capable of. Experience it in these stores today and try it on for size, you'll find what will fit your lifestyle!


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