SMART MUSIC LIVE: Ely Buendia, Up Dharma Down, Nathan Sykes, Autotelic,Crwn and Aegis

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just let me know one artist in this lineup and I'll be there!

It's Ely Buendia. I've been a fan of his since day 1. I was fortunate to have the first concert in UP Sunken Garden, the last set, his XL Concert, the Deezer launch and during PLDT and Smart's launch of their new logo. I even hang around UP back in high school and college so I could see a glimpse of him. I'm not a BIG fan, I'm crazy about Eraserheads and all of them!

Anyway, I know I'm not the only crazy guy out there that would like to see them in a show. Add to that, Smart is going to have Up Dharma Down, Nathan Sykes, Autotelic, Crwn and Aegis perform live on stage at the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City. You've got the greatest OPM artists, an internationally renowned performer and a lot of surprises in one go. If you haven't got tickets yet, make sure you go to for more details. Be there around 6:30PM as the show will start promptly with opening performers so don't be left behind! Go ask your friends and family too if they like good music because I'm sure this is one HUGE party you don't want to miss!

See you there!

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