Boss is in Town! =)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

My boss! =) Stolen shot sorry! =) Heheh..

Yeap my boss is in town hence the very busy schedule and unblogging for a few days. Anyway I'm back and I got some shots off my bb and was so happy with my work. I guess we did good in the reports we prepared for boss. He got me these for lunch!

Baked ZITI! Yum O!

Watermelon Shake! Just right for a hot day! =)

It was a scrumptious meal in Italianni's and I was so liking the baked ziti since it was hot and I was dead hungry! The beef and pasta filled me up in no time. I even like the crusty bread that came with it. All in all, the day was a success. My other boss also sent me something. I'll tell you about it soon because it will probably change the way you are experiencing my blog. =) Are you excited? me too!!! Hahahhaa!

Let's just say you'll be seeing something unexpected and I'm planning to venture out on this more before the month ends. Let's say I'll announce the winner of my blog contest HERE through that. Don't worry or don't freak out too much ok?! Alright! =)

To my boss who just visited and the other one from you know where THANK YOU! =)


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Random Student said...

wowowowo sali naman ako may contest pala. my boss is also in town, has been for the past 5 months. and ang akala namin eh 1 month lang sya. tatagal pa sya ng 3 more months then magpapaparty na ang lahat nyahaha