BTS of Nash Aguas, Miguel Tanfelix, Alexa Ilacad and Bianca Umali for Bum Black Army (PART 1)

Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's time to release the video for the BUM BLACK ARMY "You Can You Will" campaign but before that, let me just give you the behind the scenes photos of the 4 good looking endorsers of BUM. This is the second layout and I'll be showing you another one very soon, the first layout is still being uploaded as we speak but as I said I owe you this video. Enjoy!

More photos here!

We'll have another set of photos to be published soon, in the meantime please enjoy the video below!

Thank you so much to BUM for trusting me with this. I'll release their interview videos if not tonight, maybe tomorrow depending on our connection speed hahahaha! Hope you loved the video! :)


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