Watsons Celebrates Men's Grooming Month

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Hey sports fans! We had the chance to visit the Watson's store in Podium this afternoon to see what's new. They're celebrating Men's Grooming Month. I am a little tired of brands dedicating a small part of their store for Men when almost everything is available for women. This time, Watsons knows how much grooming is an integral part of the daily lives of men like you and me. They know how to take care of you, it's simple, and it doesn't take rocket science. They're making a chance inside their stores so they can cater to what men essentially need and they're not joking, they're giving you their MANDATED products, to keep that good looking you stay that way longer.

They're dedicating a whole wall in this instance. Now there's no more excuse for you to enter WATSONS and feel all girly because you won't lose macho points inside the store. They've got the basics covered and put it in 4 sections namely SHAVE (for all those shaving gears, cartridges), CLEANSE (so you keep your face clean and pollution free), MOISTURIZE (so skin stays soft, smooth, well hydrated), and PROTECT (so it remains that way, protected from the harmful rays of the sun and the elements too). Unlike women, men usually just grab and go so putting them in one place just makes a lot of sense.

Oh and if you're excited as I am, start with these three things that are offered on 50% off. The Gillette Mach 3 is now at Php 147, the Nivea Men Oil Control at Php 59.50 and the Safeguard Men Body Wash is only Php 99.00. This is not a joke, I bought 2 of those Safeguard Men Body Wash because I really use it. I bought the shave for my Dad and the Nivea for my brother who's a little vain in that department.

There are other cute things I found inside WATSONS that are worthy to mention, look at this cute MOLY COW Nebulizer. For Asthmatic people like me, this might be a good thing to have at home when there are emergencies. I also eat a lot of seafood these days and this might cure my allergies if I get asphyxiated.

I also have been too tired recently, so this Milk Smoothing and Moisturizing COW Facial Mask might be a good thing to have while resting. I'm using it right now as I'm writing this article hahahah!
For those who don't have time to go to BENCH like me, (sorry I'm very busy covering events!) I usually get a lot of my body spray essentials at WATSONS too. Grab your favorite Bench Eight and Bench Atlantis sprays and reminisce your highschool days. Oh those stories, I'm sure you've got a lot of them!
WATSONS has their own pharmacy, with professionals giving you some sound advice for over the counter medicine and generic ones. MJ on the photo was a little sick so he bought things that would make him better, it's easy here.

Go visit WATSONS stores today and see for yourself how they take care of MEN too!
Super nice people also came to join in the fun for WATSONS MEN. On the photo is radio superstar and good looking jock Gino Quillamor, Model and Actor Victor Basa, plus Blogger Influencer AJ Dee. Super humble guys! :D
Here's a video of the event earlier!

Hurry and find Men's grooming products, the essentials all in one place. It's going to be easy when you shop in WATSONS!


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