The LA Clippers Dance Squad Reality Show on E!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Chilling this afternoon to watch one of E!'s top rating show called LA Clippers Dance Squad. It's a reality show about the journey of dancers from all over the country vying for a place in one of the US' top dance groups, the LA Clippers Spirit Dancers. You'll get an in depth look on how these ladies go through the hardships and trials, their personal lives, and how they handle it on and off the court. You will see fights, frustrations and a whole enchilada of drama as they vie to get a spot in the group. You'll see 7 women namely Hannah Cormier from Lake Charles LA, Candace Washington from Torrance CA, Athena Perample from Traverse City MI, Natalie Tenerelli from Acton CA, Blair Kim from North Hollywood CA, Savanna Read from Henderson TN, Kellie Janeskie from Sta. Clarita CA, and choreographed by Petra Pope their Creative Director.

I've been watching the show for weeks now and I'm hooked. You should go watch it every Friday at 9PM. For updates please check out


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