Classy Retro Industrial Living at B Hotel in Quezon City

Monday, June 13, 2016

Dusk at my hotel room, B Hotel in Quezon City.

I arrived in B Hotel in Rallos Street Quezon City late afternoon. I covered events from morning til 2PM then went back to this hotel for refuge. I've been a little under stress, tons of things to write, places to go to but so little time. I'm too tired, that I couldn't really write when I'm at home. So this was something that I needed to say the least, a little peace and quiet, a little home away from home. It's too close actually that I could walk here. It's also near the Tomas Morato district so in case I need to find shops, restaurants and other establishments, I could walk there too.

Checking in was easy. They didn't need to fuzz about anything because I brought proper identification. I also brought a few things with me since this is a working trip so they offered to bring my things upstairs, but I was on wheels so I didn't bother. After getting my key cards, I went up to my room and was quite surprised with it. I didn't know I'd have something this nice near my place, if I only knew I would have been doing this on a regular basis.

The Superior Room

I admit, it was a little bit weird to actually see the sink outside the bath room. With a little research, they've been doing this in the 60's and 70's as an upscale bathroom feature. That's when I figured that the design aesthetic wasn't really just purely "industrial" but more "vintage" too.

They've got ample amount of storage. The closet also has in room safe so you keep your valuables in tact. They provide the usual toiletries, more than enough towels plus shower gels and shampoo. They have a pool on the 5th Floor and they provide the beach towels if you want to swim. Just ask the friendly pool guy about things you need and they'll get it for you.

I was alone in the room and I like what they did to this toilet and bath. I can imagine doing business here (while really doing business on the phone) while watching TV. They also saved space by using one smoked glass door for the shower and since the sink wasn't there, it was roomy for a big guy like me.

The bed was firm, and I think they have optional 2 beds rather than a King sized one which I had in the room I love how I could roll around it and still remain safe when I sleep. Nobody got hurt ha-ha!

There's a flat screen TV, a small desk to work on with ample amount of lighting, the usual snack bar on the side and small accents on the wall.

You can roll up the blinds and see outside. Rallos Street is part of the residential area of Barangay Laging Handa so you're only going to see roofs of neighbors and other buildings in the Timog Avenue area. Timog is also one street away so if you're planning to go out you can definitely walk there.

The selection on the snack bar was quite extensive. I got a lot because I was a little too lazy to get up and buy things from convenience stores nearby. They also have drinks, beers, juices on the personal fridge.

I think they can fit around 4 people in this room, but I'd suggest to keep it for 2 so it would still be a bit roomy.

I've had looooong hot and cold showers in this place, so I could say it's really good. Aside from that, you could see the towel racks are fancy.
Here's a video of my room and some of the other rooms that they offer. The also have a grand ballroom, a lot of meeting rooms, the Mezzanine Bar, the Lobby Cafe. Enjoy this tour!

The Food

They serve mostly Filipino food but there are regular hotel staples here and there. I had dinner with my friends during the first day at The Lobby Cafe. We also had a couple of drinks before we called it a night. The buffet breakfast was super nice thanks to the "taho" moment I had which was really good. Plus they're launching a new steak restaurant named "Johnny's Steak House" which will open very soon! The rib eye kept me dreaming a few days after but I'm sure I'll be back in B Hotel very soon. In the mean time let's enjoy these dishes!

These are just some of the nicest cakes I've had in the area. This is available at the cafe of B Hotel. I bet I could work here on off days, they also have really good very popular Ensaymada so make sure you order some if you're in the area. I took some home and had to try so hard to save some for other days. I had three in one sitting, no joke. They also have iced or hot coffee, barely into the day I had to have one because it's so good with the Ensaymada.

Top left is the Beef in Black Pepper Sauce, on the right is Chicken Jus (a fancy name for Chicken with Red Wine Sauce) plus on the bottom we had Pinakbet with tons of BAGNET (I had to put two photos to emphasize it). If you think the photos are not much, I put everything I ate on video so you get to feel how it was to dine and enjoy what it's like. This doesn't even do justice.

I did have my moments of weakness and failed a lot in the diet department, but I was here to enjoy, I was here to relax and not relish on sad moments. I was there to work too and in one day was able to finish a lot of articles. I was seeing a lot of people committed to this business and they're doing their job with passion. I even saw brides and grooms themselves come up to the counter and easily tell them what they need. Heck I saw 5 weddings in a day, does that even tell you how nice the hotel is?

It's in the heart of Quezon City where everything is happening. It's affordable, way fancy for what it's worth and they even got more things coming up. I had a nice stay, did my errands, got so full during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The hotel is vibrant, all the people I met seem they were doing what they loved. The rooms are huge, even if they're inside a residential area where space is limited they didn't make that an issue. The pool was an awesome retreat too, plus there was a salon on the same floor that would get you pampered if you need to. I loved what I saw in B Hotel and I'm sure I'll be back there some day. They're the same people who build Bellevue Hotels and Resorts and this one accommodates the mid range market, but it felt like it's way more than that. I'm sure you'll be lovin it when you get to stay at B Hotel. I know I did.

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