The Millionaires Wife: Mike Tan

Friday, June 24, 2016

I could tell you the names of my friends who would probably faint at the sight of Mike Tan. He's one of GMA's most prized actors, and with good reason. He's got a sculpted physique, he's also donned countless drama projects under his belt and nobody I know questioned how good he is in that department. He plays the role of Ivan Meneses in this series and he doesn't hold back. He's done countless scenes in this show that has been talked about countless times because it's so sexy. Oh yes, there's bed scenes, but I like the one they did in the shower... it was so animalistic! The passion that goes into each scene is evident, you'll be shocked at what will happen when they see each other. I've seen some of the shots during our set visit, and I totally agree you'll love how this will end. 

Here's our interview with the good looking guy on video:

He finds Andrea Torres a lot different from his other leading ladies as she's more of the silent type. She often focuses on the job and gets it done as they do it. They never even talked before they had that iconic kissing scene and just did it so there wouldn't be awkwardness between them. In fact, Mike even felt it was Andrea who took care of him because it's not everyday that you get to do these things. He mentions how professional Andrea is and hope this isn't the last time they'd be able to work together. He wants to do more shows with GMA and I'm sure there will be more opportunities for this great actor.

Thank you Mike for taking time to sit and talk with us! Hope people would get to see the scenes you've done with Sid and Ms. Jacklyn Jose! I know they'll love that! Thank you too to GMA Social Media for hooking us up! Make sure you watch the last episode today on GMA Afternoon Prime!


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