Smart and PLDT Unveils New Logo + Eraserheads Reunion Concert

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A surprise wasn't a surprise if some of us knew about it, they kept this in the wraps for a few weeks. I've been hearing different humors about what was going to happen on this day but all along, I thought it was just going to be another technological wonder that they have come up with because after all, they're Smart and PLDT. When they came up on stage I couldn't believe they would be starting to change something that's already iconic, the logo that they've been carrying for years. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you are looking at Smart Communications Incorporated and PLDT's new logos. Tons of media, influencers and celebrities were at the Makati Shangri-la to witness it and for me it was already a great night, but they had A LOT up their sleeves. They did a live announcement of it first on their Facebook Page and did it on the PLDT Building along Makati Avenue. Here's how it went down!

It was awesome! We were all in a festive mood after that. Change has come for the BIGGEST mobile network in the country. But they didn't really stop there. The lights were turned off, the stage became a little busier than usual, then I suddenly saw someone come up on stage. My JAW dropped. It was freaking Buddy Zabala.... then after a few seconds, Marcus, then after that, Raymund Marasigan, then my rock god Ely Buendia. I couldn't believe it, my super favorite band is right in front of me, after YEARS of not playing together... it was THE ERASERHEADS! I was about to pass out, while freaking out, and shouting my lungs out because they were there, in the flesh and they did this reunion just for us and SMART!

Now I promised my friends, I promised a lot of people that I wasn't going to be selfish so here's the concert on video. I uploaded this for two days so PLEASE don't complain why I'm singing in the background, because they are like Justin Bieber to the millenials LOL! Some tech bloggers were already looking at me like I'm crazy, I'm very sorry but you don't understand how BIG OF A DEAL this is for me so if you were a little bothered by how I was reacting while they were playing, again I'M SO SORRY!

Thank you so much to SMART for checking A TON on my bucket list. I am still in shock while I'm writing this article. Thank you to Smart and PLDT for making this happen! Congratulations on the new logo and I'm sure this is the start of so much more for the Filipino people!


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