WARNING: The Addicting KUMORI Signature Cheese Tarts

Thursday, June 02, 2016

I've been eager to have a meal in KUMORI Japanese Bakery when they set up shop in the Ground Floor of The Block in SM North Edsa. They've been in the Philippines for quite some time now and they've managed to offer natural handmade fresh quality Japanese bread, cakes and pastries all throughout their existence. They've been using the finest ingredients from Japan so you're assured to only get that certain freshness you would get as if it's from a bakery off of that country.

I heard rumors about the KUMORI Signature Cheese Tarts. I know I have an affinity to it because of the fact that it is cheese, and secondly because it's a tart (as I am totally addicted to the fruit based ones from Tagaytay). Putting cheese on tarts had me dreaming and drooling while writing this, but darn it, the rumors are true. The KUMORI Signature Cheese Tarts are legit. I am not joking.

These came in a wonderfully designed box, but the things inside were more phenomenal. It's firm but still soft on the center, while the crust was crunchy and crumbly. I could feel how freshly baked this was but as with other tarts, I wanted it to be a little cold so I made the decision to keep it inside the fridge for a couple of hours. I tried so hard not to peek, I tried so hard to stop one of my hands to actually take it out of the box and have a bite. Believe me, it was so hard.

When it was already time, I looked at how perfect they got to make the small tart. The little caramelized blisters on top already had me thinking this was sweet but once I did bite into it, it was like clouds on top of a crunchy mountain. I love how the filling still tastes like cheese. It's that mix of saltiness and sweetness that is kinda addicting. I am telling you, once I had one.... I couldn't stop. So if you're thinking about just having a bite and tasting it, you won't even notice you've already finished a whole box. It was that good.

They have these lovely KUMORI Signature Cheese Tarts available at the Lower Ground Level of SM Makati, the Basement Level of Landmark Makati and on the Ground Floor of The Block at SM North EDSA. I think people kinda hoard this particular item on their bakery so if you're passing by, make sure to grab a box and take it home. Have some while you're inside the store too so you don't have to compete with that box you're taking away haha! Trust me on the tarts!


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