The Affordable, The Good and Handy 555 Tuna Rice

Friday, June 17, 2016

Whoever did this is a genius!

I don't know if this is a first, but it's actually the first time that I tried something out of a doy pack of this nature. The affordable sardine and tuna brand suddenly came out with this 555 Tuna Rice just weeks ago and we're one of the few who got the chance to try it. Now I'm not really expecting this to be good because I've tried the other brand that's canned and didn't really like it. This one however tasted the same, like the 555 Tuna that I always had at home but with the exception that it's got rice. The selling point of this is that it's packed right. Now there's no more excuse to not have something to eat while you're out in the mountains, or just plain out of town.

I tasted the three flavors and find the Tuna Rice Afritada the best among the three. But the other two are not that bad and if you've loved the regular canned affordable tuna from 555, then this isn't far from that. You're basically buying this for convenience so you don't have to cook rice anymore and bring tons of cooking equipment while enjoying the sights and scenes out there.

Cooking tip: Take out the contents into a bowl and heat it up for 3 minutes in your microwave oven. It's better when it's hot. If you're out in the mountains, just boil water and turn off the heat. Put the doy pack into the water and wait for a few minutes. Cut it open and put it on your plate or just eat it straight out of the container. It's as good as you'll do it at home. Oh and please watch Bogart the Explorer in their Facebook page and see for yourself what adventures you can take this to. It's fun! It's also from the same makers of Century Tuna so you'll never feel shortchanged.


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