Thirsty? Grab an Oishi Smart C+ Dalandan Burst!

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Is it the end of summer already? Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's raining like cats and dogs in Quezon City but I don't mind picking up a bottle or two of Oishi Smart C+. I haven't been taking Vitamin C tablets nor multivitamin supplements because I'm not really fond of the tablet form. These days, we need all the help we can get so having this on a hot day like today, is but a welcome treat.

Oishi Smart C+ is also now available in Dalandan Burst Flavor, a local citrus fruit that's a little sweet and tangy. Filipinos love this variant because it's refreshing. Having this with Vitamin C in a drink is just so right in so many levels.

I had it with really good ensaymada from BHotel a few days ago. I could imagine having it also with rice cakes and even lunch or dinner. It's not going to spoil any meal, but provides what Vitamin C requirement you may have for a single day. Isn't that amazing?

So if you still have out of town trips, swimming sessions with friends and family to cap off the summer season, take a bottle or a whole box with you and keep your group hydrated and get the Vitamin C dose they need so they're active and fun all day!

Oishi Smart C+ Dalandan Burst is available in all convenience stores, big supermarkets and groceries near you. If you happen to pass by a 7-11, it's on their refrigerators so grab one if you're thirsty. I've had a lot this week and I feel great!


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