UPGRADE Signs with Star Music and One Music PH

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Looks like the fans of UPGRADE are in for a treat. The up and coming boy band had their hopes up since last year and from the looks of it, there's no where else to go but up! They've been signed up with the prime label Star Music and the website that streams digital concerts and launches Filipino talents worldwide OneMusic.PH. One can only expect that in the near future, they won't be just solely doing covers, but their own songs too, OPM and all.

In a gathering of their stern fans and supporters at Congo Grille in Tomas Morato Quezon City, teen stars Upgrade performed some of their new singles. They have just concluded their 1st successful concert at the Music Museum last December. They also performed in the recent concert of Queen Mother Karla Estrada, appeared in several shows in various channels to promote the band so they could get acquainted with tweens, teens and millenials - their intended market. They're ready, they declare this is their time. You may check out their singles to be listed soon at www.onemusic.ph/artists/upgrade today or get their album Unstoppable UPGRADE which will be available soon on major streaming sites, digital stores worldwide. 

They mentioned how much they've enjoyed last year as they've been able to somehow penetrate showbiz even a little. The album will have 5 songs, 3 danceable songs and 2 ballads. They're more into upbeat songs that are fast and relateable. They also have love songs included so don't be surprised if you get to see them swooning girls every now and then. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of their group yet and this is the first time that I've actually seen them in the flesh. I was actually expecting they're going to be just another run of the mill boy band, but judging from how passionate they are in dance, how spirited they are as singers and performers, I wouldn't be surprised they'll be going a long way in this industry. I could also see how they'll be individually become artists too as they have their own thing going. One of them actually writes songs, they're also matinee idol material and if ever things don't work out with this group they'd make great artists as is. Although from the looks of it, they'll stay together for a long time. They've also been through a lot, the strict auditions, trouble in creative processes, the fights in between, they're like ordinary people like you and me but they're still together. I hope this is  just the beginning and perhaps, they would be able to make their dreams come true as performers, as UPGRADE.

Here's a video, some snippets of what happened during the intimate party with UPGRADE artists Armond, Casey, Miggy, Rhem, Mar and Ivan. Again as you can see, they're really good!

Expect the unexpected with Upgrade as they start their journey as legit Star Record Artists. They are currently managed by Star Image Artist Management via the hard working Vince Abasolo and David Bhowie (thanks for having us btw!). They've also worked with Darren Espanto, Thor Dulay, Daryl Ong and a lot more. Follow their social media channels @UpgradeOfficial @armondbernas @caseypher @immiggysanpablo @rhemenjavi @mar23baracael @ivanlat_  and meet them in person through events, mall tours and appearances. They want to also thank YSA, Afficionado, Cardams, Fernandos Bakeshop and a lot more!

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