Mystery Basket from Greenwich Holds Cheesy Surprise!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

This arrived on our doorstep a couple of weeks ago. I was wondering who was it from and why the pretty basket. It looks like I'm about to swing around Jellystone Park and roam around the bushes so I could eat something good. I think the last part of that statement is true. I love lasagna since I was a kid. As a matter of fact, I was strongly influenced by Garfield and how he literally just chow down boxes full of it in one go. I liked what I saw inside!

There were about 6 boxes full of lasagna by our lovely friends from Greenwich. Did you know that I always order this inside their store in Heart Center when I am in that area? Mom orders the thin crust Overload Hawaiian while my Dad and I love this most. Why? Because it's piping hot, great with the garlic sticks and it's so darn cheesy. Let's face it, when there's not much cheese on a dish like lasagna, it's not worth it. Greenwich does it like a pro and I love their version. It's got the meaty layer, the pasta done right and the Bechamel Sauce + cheese just oozes out on all the sides like it's Christmas!

If that was good, they just made it even better by making a version with Cheese on Cheese on Cheese. This is #OMCheese, the next level version Lasagna Supreme. It's the better, lovelier, cheesier version of your favorite lasagna from Greenwich. Now you people who are still trying to copy the original Greenwich Lasagna must keep up, I bet it's easier for you to actually buy the actual one inside the store rather than battling it out in the kitchen. I know, I felt that too when I attempted haha!

So go easy on your kitchen wars and order a couple of boxes of these lovely layers of Lasagna Supreme. Make the trip to the nearest Greenwich branch or make that call to 55555 and tell them you want one of those lovely Lasagna Supreme boxes like I do. Visit and check out the other things on their menu aside from the Lasagna, I assure you it's gonna be worth it! It's meaty, creamy and extra cheesy!


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