The New GO PLAY and GO WATCH from Alcatel

Thursday, June 02, 2016

 It looks like some gadgets are coming out with your active lifestyle in mind. We're all busy, we're all making our rounds and somehow, some way, we also keep dropping stuff. Smart phones, smart watches, they're all a bit expensive but one bump, one drop would get that moment of ownership ruin it for you and get your precious gadget still be the same worth as when you bought it. Heck we all try top put stuff on it just to protect it right? We all have that goal to still have it as pristine as when we open that cellophane covered box that it came with. This applies to most of us, and we're darn worried if it doesn't go our way.

Alcatel has just released the new GO line. They're calling it GO PLAY which is the smartphone, then the GO WATCH which is the one that comes with it.

These new Alcatel devices can GO with you wherever you want to go. That means your right to play outside, take a dive and accidentally dropping your phone and watch will all be fine as the GO PLAY phone and GO WATCH time piece are water resistant, more easy to clean, even shockproof so you can do your everyday errands without worrying about these gadgets in your possession. They even made drop tests, which would be a no no on some brands, but the phone would still function. I'd be excited to do that too when heavens above get me a demo unit. 

 As you can see, they've got really good colors available. They also have free waterproof headset available for the device, no need to be sold separately. Imagine yourself doing all those sport activities and perspiring like a pic without thinking about how your phone is going to get ruined, they really did something good. They even priced it around Php 6,999, which is much of a bargain if you compare it with some similarly spec'd phones. The GO WATCH can get your use of the phone really easy by letting it take your text messages, social networking sites, calls and emails right there and there. You don't really need to look at your phone much and do some tasks on the watch as is. Now that's ingenuity.

The GO WATCH can also last 2-5 days, depending on how you would want to abuse it. The charging takes a few hours, pretty affordable too at Php 3,799 with all those features. Now that's a smart watch. It even takes a step further by watching your emotions as it measures your condition with internal gyroscopes, a heart rate sensor and accelero-meter, something that's not present in other brands. If you've got that measured, you can liberally put that thought and emotion right on your social media account or your watch's face. A feature that I would probably test a lot of when in touch with the watch! Anyway, just the mere thought of having one of these available in the Philippines is great news. I hope it'll sell well like that flagship product they had a couple of years ago. Although I know they're still doing good these days!


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