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Monday, June 06, 2016

Jed Marcaida of Jump Digital PH and Ms. Eleen Kee of FreshOnline.PH

Well not yet that is, but real soon. A few days ago, I was invited to a small luncheon and launch of a new website called FreshOnline.PH. Honestly, I didn't really know what it was about - but I figured the word fresh and the logo itself (which I saw during the event) was pretty much self explanatory. The business is a startup owned and operated by Ms. Eleen Kee, a Malaysian national who told us about how she grew up in a small fishing village where everyone (albeit having average income) had food on the table - all fresh as it's caught the same day from the sea. She lived in Manila and the Philippines for quite a while now and she was taken aback to see most of Manila's seafood supply either come from far flung provinces, imported frozen and not kept quite well. The quality is also a bit questionable which was surprising as we are an archipelago. There's no existing entity that would even dare to deliver fresh seafood to every home and we all depend on what's in the morning spread of the local wet market or several groceries who have them on the fridge. They want to change all that, create a new scene with FreshOnline.PH.

FreshOnline.ph is going to offer premium seafood items that is hard to find in regular stores in the Philippines and offer them fresh, without concern that much on the price. They'll make this affordable, easy to order online, delivered to your doorstep the next day. They've built a facility in Navotas to house all these products and have them kept in refrigeration units that would ultimately make the products as good as the day they caught it.

This is Smoked Norwegian Salmon, same thing they use in hotels for those hors d'oeuvres you love with sour cream and capers. These would be sliced thinly, rolled up on top of a canape and be served elegantly on your table. This is the concept they want you to have when it's available online. Something that you almost don't have to do so much processing of, just have it sliced and served.

This is the same quality Mackarel found in Japanese restaurants, now imagine how you can have this too in your own home. Put it on top of a Japanese rice, put it into a roll and have it for lunch or dinner. FreshOnline.PH eventually also wants you to bring the habit of having only the freshest seafood and might in the future even teach you how to cook it, as fresh as it is.

Our Southeast Asian neighbors usually just steam and put a little flavor on them, a thing that would keep the flavor and original sweetness intact. They want us to experience that same feeling too. They'll include this lobster on their site, but never priced like those in Boracay.

This one's the Boston Lobster, hard to find in the Philippines but will be available through FreshOnline.PH. The sheer color of it excites me. Now think of how your lunch or dinner table would look like now that this is going to be easy to get here!

I like this one the most. This is Scallops with the Gihod still attached. They call this Sashimi scallops which is found in deeper parts of the ocean. They're bigger, which you can sear on a hot pan and serve with different sauces. It's sweet, naturally and you'll get this delivered to your doorstep, can pay for it through card, other payment systems available soon.

I had this for lunch a few days ago. It's quality was just different. I haven't had Adobo Squid that good in a long time.

You must buy this, I see this in hotels served fresh even mixed in on salads. Imagine just taking this out of the wrap and cooking it because it's prewashed and processed already. Now that's going to be a very good place to start when FreshOnline.PH comes live.

Jump Digital and FreshOnline.PH already signed off to make this online seafood e-store available for you very soon. When it gets launched I'll tell you on my social media channels. You can follow them on the channels below too. So stay tuned!


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