Give Dad The Gift of Health with Nestlé

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Still trying to find the perfect gift for Dad? Well I just received a bag of goodies from Nestlé Health Science group and it's got all these lovely products in it.

Dad would love a dose of Calcium from the Bear Brand Adult Plus, to give him strength in his bones even as he gets older. Age is not an excuse not to drink milk you know!

For me, I don't really have breakfast (yes I know it's unhealthy) but if I do I need to have Milo everyday so I'd still get energy. I'd also like to have a bowl of Fitnesse as breakfast cereals have really high fiber content. I'd have Milo with that too because I'm not that fond with milk.

If it's noontime, I just don't want to be sitting in front of the tv without a drink because even if it's officially the end of summer, it's still so darn hot outside. My Nestea keeps me hydrated, a welcome treat when I'm so thirsty!

At night, I'd have my cup of Nescafe Classic paired with Nestlé Coffee Mate. One teaspoon, hot water and about two teaspoons of creamer is my formula for a good cup. No sugar, I don't need a lot of that in my life. The smooth creamy and slightly bitter brew just hits the spot.

Now if you forgot to give Dad a gift, go to the groceries tomorrow and grabe these treats for him. At least he'll know you are thinking about him on this special day! Thanks Nestlé Health Science group! :)


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