The SMART BROkada in Pampanga!

Sunday, June 05, 2016

I love it when I go out of town, especially on this occasion when I get to tag along with stars like volleybelle phenom Michelle Gumabao, real deal Beauty Queen Bea Rose Santiago and Singer cum great Actor Michael Pangilinan. On this day, we were tasked to roam around the streets of food haven Pampanga plus visit their malls for some small meet and greet sessions. I woke up early for this and this trip was awesome!

We went to eat at local restaurants first and I had my fix of Palabok and Coke. I was already in a food coma before we even began doing the motorcade so I was a bit quiet because I couldn't move. I was so busog, I couldn't talk as much because I might end up barfing while I talk (sorry too graphic!). I was really that full grabe!

We went to small malls, then to Robinson Star Mills in San Fernando, then to a skate park in Angeles City. I think it was also a technology hub so there were a lot of BPO corporations in one place.

This particular truck housed our noise makers, the caravan started in the afternoon and it was hot and humid. Michelle, Bea Rose and Michael were all game though despite of that because we're bringing BIG news to the people of Pampanga!

I had my lovely social media family with me all throughout the trip! My fellow bloggers Richard, Flow and Jude. If you follow the Smart and UAAP Viber room of SMART, the ones in it are right beside me on this photo. They made our trip so special!

Ms. Bea Rose Santiago was so nice in person, first time to meet her. I like how she talks to us like regular people. She's even funny at times during the mall tour. She did wave and say hi to a lot of people, obliged selfies and photo opportunities while telling them about Smart BRO's Php 888 4G Pocket Wifi.

She also didn't get tired of smiling, I could imagine it to hurt a little but I guess she's been trained well in her beauty queen stint. We also had fun in Snapchat, as she's so fun to be with. Thank you Ms. Bea Rose Santiago!

They had to go around Angeles City in the heat of the sun but Michelle Gumabao and Michael Pangilinan all kept it cool. They also stopped and posed for fans, also took some shots inside the malls where throngs of people went and said hi during the meet and greet.

Michelle really uses the Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wifi and even attests to it's reliability on some locations that other networks couldn't cover. We had lunch with these two and I couldn't help but butt in their conversations in between meals. Michael even posed with the bakers inside the restaurant we were in. They were really generous in letting the public get hold of them while telling them how Smart Bro 888 Pocket Wifi is going to help those that need Internet connection at an affordable rate.
Here's a little video of our trip!

Pocket Wifi's are really expensive these days and getting a landline, modem, router just wouldn't cut it in several areas in the country. It's a good thing that SMART let's us know of these 888 priced devices that we can use to get our phones, tables, laptops and other gadgets online. Gaming, online browsing, sending emails, uploading photos, they're all going to be good with the pocket wifi from Smart BRO! They also sponsored a little program on the skate park so competitors would be able to win pocket wifi units, load and even the chance to meet the three celebrities we were with earlier. They're a bunch of warm, welcoming people and this opportunity to spend a day with the People of Pampanga was just awesome! I can't wait to go with them in other places! I'm sure they've got plans to do that and spread the good news right!?

PS. Thank you so much to Ms. Abbie and the whole Smart Social Media team for making me eat a ton and a half of Pampanga's best food! Can't wait to have more of it soon! Yes?! Hahah!

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