Converse Fall Collection 2014

Friday, August 22, 2014

I always thought I was lucky... but even better when I saw this showroom at the Converse Philippines headquarters in Ortigas. If you follow @kumagcow on Instagram and on Twitter, you probably have and idea how much of a shoe-holic I am. This week alone, I bought five pairs of shoes and one of them is this brand that Pinoys around the world absolutely love! The term "Streetwear" wouldn't be really complete if this didn't come out of the market, I'm talking about Converse. They just released their Fall 2014 collection and this preview didn't come more appropriate at an opportune moment when I wanted shoes again. To make it really fun, I made a full run around the place showing ALL the shoes to be released this season... are you ready?

Converse Fall Collection 2014

To note, we loved the All Star collection especially the classic ones. It can still be worn any year as it would provide timeless footwear fashion. I also love the modern tribal prints and the triple zipper shoes which is for the femmes. Aside from that, the one with heels would probably go for sporty ladies who still want chucks on their feet. It's also continued on other merchandises so if you go with shirts, caps, bags, Converse has them there too!

If you wish to see something unbelievable, Converse has them in this Fall collection too. Imagine your Chucks all colorful but... WATERPROOF! Yes, it is possible now because as you can see they have these pieces all underwater and it didn't get wet inside the sole. Just wait for a few weeks and you'll probably see this in stores soon! This will change your child's life if he/she's going to school in UST or some forsaken marshland in Manila. Yet, they never sacrificed the the look of these shoes because it still carry that Chuck Taylor feel you always see in Converse.

My personal choice, is this set of boots from the CONS line. This black and red boot you see on the photo is sold already! You see, it's perfect for UE Red Warriors like me ha! They have sienna and blue which are common hues in fall, all good looking in my dictionary! Argh, if anyone in Converse Philippines is reading this, please let me have the black and red one? :D

As I also mentioned earlier, they have continuity in other items like the shirts, caps and bags. The color palette is the same but it doesn't limit you to mix and match when needed. Just ask these celebrities who went there that afternoon. I forgot to take photos of Callalily and other bands who were there though.

Stars from different channels, different industries, they all adore Converse so why wouldn't you have a pair or two of your own when the Converse Fall Collection 2014 come out in stores soon. I'm already sold on those boots I posted above, how about you?


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