Unboxing The Western Digital My Cloud - Personal Cloud Storage

Friday, August 01, 2014

The WD My Cloud - Personal Cloud Storage
Storage options in this day and age is but of a necessity and we've kept an eye on most brands that carry them in the Philippines. I for one am in the looks for it because I have tons of photos to keep on archives for copyright's sake. The good news is, they're getting smarter and smarter now. Case in point is the WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage. This came out perhaps in the late half of 2013. It's given a whole new meaning on what to expect with today's network storage devices in the lines of SOHO servers. Add to that it's capability to get integrated with cloud storage features that would be perfect for mobile devices. This is one unbelievable device and I'll show you how to install it on Windows 7. Here's our attempt to unbox it!  

Now, you don't have to subscribe to major service providers to get that cloud capability. You can also have less maintenance since you can have this right in the comforts of your own home. It's also a shared storage so you can assign rights to users to have different access restrictions re: Read/Write capability. 

As long as you have internet connection, you can use WD's free apps to upload and share files from different platforms. It can come from your phone, tablet, phablet, PC or Mac. I tried it on my iPhone and it ran without a hitch. It's like your own virtual dropbox where you can assign and create your own folders and set access to it too. I love that you can also check the drive's status and see how your drive performs while connected to the network. 

Just type in the url WDMyCloud/UI and you'll be taken to this user interface. It's got all the nice little things you need to know about your drive. It also indicates the number of cloud devices connected to it. If there are also some updates on the hardware's firmware, you can choose to do it here as well.

It might be simple to some of you but I like the fact that they thought about having attachments like these on the box. It addresses something so simple but you don't have to go out anymore and buy one off the market because they knew you had this in your home.

It's also autovolt, so whether you are in a country who's got 110V or 220V on their outlet, don't worry because you'll have the adapter doing its thing for you.

You've got enough storage as it's got 3TB of space that's perfect for those HD movies you've stored long ago on your hard drive. Please do yourself a favor and transfer it to the Personal Cloud Storage and get everyone else access to the file. I can even see a movie marathon spurning on your own personal rooms, whenever and wherever you may wish to get it. I watched my favorite Hunter X Hunter series on my phone by transferring the file from the laptop to the drive. I want to have separate access restrictions to my parents because they're used to deleting apps on my tablet already, let alone the drive if they had it. We don't mean to do that.

Up close, it's make is surely sturdy. The base won't budge unless an outside force would be too much to handle. It's got one drive inside, but you know what makes it special? The speed. I think if you compare this to my existing 3 TB hard drive, it's like buying a sportscar and leaving the tractor outside your farm. My photos were transferred only in a few minutes, a couple more faster than my previous one. I haven't tested it though to mirror onto another drive but the backup feature on it from this to another drive on my desktop actually works. Where else can you find easy setup with the network drives to back up on multiple locations? It's something that WD can surely be proud of. The cable seen above can run Gigabit rates. That, in less than 200 hundred dollars. I've seen some around 170 bucks and possibly this could be cheaper in the Philippines less tax and duties.

 If you've got to save files and want to have instant access to it, the WD My Cloud Personal Storage would be the perfect network storage drive to have in your home. It's not complicated to set up, the unit looks sleek and classy that it won't look like clutter in your office. Best of all, it's available at Astroplus, DigiHub, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, my favorite store Digital Walker, Heima, iGig, Quicksound and other specialty stores nationwide. You may check out https://www.facebook.com/digitstrading and see specials on other items like these in their stores. I'll give it a 4/5 because it's affordable and has got more features than the regular network drive. If you're already using it, can you tell me what other things you are using this for? I'm so psyched I don't have to use remote desktop anymore if I need files off my home. What cool things have you done with it?

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