My Destiny Gets Interesting with Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega and Gabrielle Garcia

Monday, August 04, 2014

Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega and Gabrielle Garcia, stars of My Destiny

Stars of the hit GMA show My Destiny Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega and Gabrielle Garcia are starting to make the story interesting in this evening primetime show. Looks like lucky Ruru Madrid and his character Paul Andrada is deemed wanted by the two other lady stars but he's not as fortunate with his parents that's bringing the grunt to their relationship. If they continue the trend, they'll probably be separated in the next few episodes and Paul will probably have to choose between them later on. Nicole Perez, Gabriella Garcia's character isn't too happy about the arrival of Alex (Ashley Ortega's character) when she acts like a confidant to Paul Andrada at his most difficult times. The question is, is she really just a shoulder to cry on? Or is she really gunning for Paul's love? She's her best friend, but what if she's really interested with Paul? Will that spell world war III? Possibly.

They are not the same though when they are not in character. Ruru Madrid, Ashley Ortega and Gabrielle Garcia are really obsessed with their craft right now and they continue to learn more about acting through workshops and immersing themselves on the role given to them. Remeber when Ruru appeared on Protege a few years ago? He might be the runner up there but he's getting big breaks from this station. Now he's even building up to be a triple threat, but he says he's not stopping there. He's so thankful that he's being given the chance to learn a lot because he says this is his passion. He's not just the teeny bopper he once was anymore and he can say that he's really getting serious about this. He's now being paired with Ashley Ortega which he also worked with in Dormitoryo and Bamboo Flowers. Their friendship is getting even stronger because working together in projects just made them closer which is very good since they are being honed as a love team. Ruru also says Ashley is so fun to be with and also works hard to make all their scenes as good as possible... because like him, Ashley's pretty involved in her craft. Ashley also says the same with Ruru and adds that there is no dull moment whenever he's around. Gabrielle Garcia, although a newcomer to the program says highly about her co stars and wishes to be with them more in the next few projects from GMA. They've also gotten to be with each other on workshops and she says she loves having friends as she continues to learn from professionals during the shooting days of this project.

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