UniSilver Time Signs TV5 Timebassadors

Friday, August 22, 2014

Executives of UniSilver Time and TV5 Artist Management Division

In simple ceremonies at the Primero Casa Filipino restaurant in Quezon City, popular watch authority UnisilverTime in cooperation with TV5's Artist Management Division just recently announced the official lineup of Timebassadors from the network. Since 2005, UniSilver Group International Corporation and their watch company UniSilver Time has been making pieces that would reflect the Filipino need for fashion and functionality. Each designed watch has been carefully crafted to meet the demands of today's discriminating clientele and they have not disappointed when it comes to anything that comes out of their doors and the catch is, the price is phenomenally low!

Aside from that, UniSilver Time believes in catering to everyone and this is why they have got the best celebrity endorsers in the entertainment industry and steadfastly affirmed their leadership in the watch industry by believing in artists that could further represent them, their products and services to an even larger audience. TV5's stable of talents never run out of qualities that UniSilver Time looks for and they've signed them up one by one that afternoon.

Ritz Azul
TV5's prized actress and model Ritz Azul who hosts and acts in different programs for TV5 is one of them. She's an old soul and prefers a watch that would be a little over 20's-50's or 60's design and something simple like her that wouldn't easily go out of style. She doesn't like trendy ones and those that goes out of style easily. Good thing UniSilver Time has similar ones that she loves. She's ecstatic that she's representing a prestigious brand in the Philippines and thanks UniSilver Time for the opportunity.

Benjo Leoncio

Time is precious for Benjo. Getting this endorsement from UniSilver Time is something he definitely wants to take care of. He's got a lot of watches (he collects them) and he's going to wear his UniSilver Time watch everyday because it suits him real good. He also wants to work with the brand and see how they can make one that he could design but still would be affordable. We sat down with him for a little one on one and asked about how he feels being with the brand, he says it's a dream come true as he's a watch guy. His first watch was actually from UniSilver Time too, he mentions it was a blue digital one as he often mistakes the one with dials with different times of the day. He uses it for school and going out. He already has some designs to recommend and he's excited to show it to them. He's also going to try to target a wider audience, make it affordable and likeable by the masses. 

When I asked about why he spends so much time in Cebu, (3/4 of the month actually) he says Manila is represents work for him... and when he does go here, he does a ton of it. When he's in Cebu, he does a lot of things too since his family is in the construction business. He says he's thankful that TV5 is giving him opportunities especially this one that they're still in the plans of doing. A soap, and yes he's going to be with seasoned actors. I thought he's not being given that much breaks or under utilized but he told me that under the circumstances, he's pretty new and he's already getting some roles and projects that he enjoys so that keeps him happy being with the station. He's also thankful for the endorsement and adds that he's having a very progressive life that he enjoys, he's hungry for more but he's contented. I can see him beaming from where I was seated. His smile just spells he's doing great, I can't wait to see what's in store for this promising lad.

Eula Caballero
She's the beautiful Eula Caballero, she shines like her character Cassandra the warrior angel. Like the other ladies on the panel, she loves everything that's simple if it's about watches. She wants it to match with her personality and would rather get a timeless style than others. If she had to make it more fancy, she prefers diamonds or something similar that looks like it so everyone can afford it. She's also excited that she would be able to get to work with UniSilver Time to perhaps release a timepiece that would reflect her design aesthetics. She also wants it feminine and also a bit on the girly side, though still on classic colors. She says thanks to UniSilver Time and TV5 for working on this endorsement as she's excited to have it included in her everyday outfit, something that she looks forward to.

Vin Abrenica
Vin Abrenica has got his own gig going in TV5 and being one of the winners of their grandest artist search in this station. Aside from that, the guy engorges himself with so many workout regimens and sports activities aside from his usual shooting days and projects. If given a chance to design his own watch, he wants to have something exactly in tune with who he is right now. He wants it to be athletic, something that could measure the usual things that runners, or athletes might need when wearing one - of course without breaking the bank. UniSilver Time always gives you options and the look that would fit your personality. He hopes to work with them to maybe in the future release one under their label. The one he wore that afternoon had a metal frame but still looks absolutely good on him, that ability to wear different hats and different roles is a trait that watches could have in your wardrobe. That's why Vin Abrenica is so thankful for the trust that UniSilver Time has given him to also represent their brand. 

We sat down with him and asked a couple of questions about his brother Aljur. For them, they've grown up together fighting... fighting a lot... but he believes the more they fight, the more they love. Whatever happens with Aljur, Vin knows it, whatever happens with Vin, Aljur knows it and they help each other. They always try to pull each other up whenever they need it, he calls it bromance and laughs it off. They've got lots of projects in TV5 and that's what Vin is pretty busy with these days. As for a concert, they are slating sometime in November would be the perfect time... his brother Aljur and possibly his Dad might come in the picture. They had a concert before already and that was a hit, he hopes to see it happen again. 

He's proud of his Dad too because it's his passion. Aljur is an introvert but he took care of Vin, the whole 9 yards. He doesn't care that much about money and spends it with the people he loves, that's why he's blessed. Vin says he's different from Aljur because he looks tougher and probably would give action stars a run for their money... very manly and bad boy looking but he sees it as an advantage... people can tell them apart and he appreciates that. He hopes to work with his brother for a project soon, he's talking to some directors and Vin is really impressed with his brother's ability to connect. He lauds Aljur for getting into MMA and training like a champ. Vin is taking his own journey and preparing for a ton of work, even if compared, he knows there will always a difference and says it'll be a blessing still.  

You know what I learned later on? Vin and Sophie Albert are really an item now. It wasn't something that just developed because as Vin says... he really liked her from the start. That was a sweet way to end the conversation. Vin thanks UniSilver Time again for trusting them to be the face of their brand.

Sophie Albert
She's gorgeous and statuesque, even got me looking up since she wore 5 inch heels, she's Sophie Albert. She looked elegant in the white number she wore even more when she wore the UniSilver Time watch that almost looked like a charm bracelet. It's feminine design complemented her well and made her a lot more classy. She already is but that just took it to the ballpark and got her the home run. She also wants something simple but timeless, something that's not just a fad so she can wear it for years. Time for her is something unstoppable and they value it a lot especially that they are in an industry that runs on it. They have to respect everyone's time. "To be chosen for an endorsement means that the brand believes in us and they think we can help their company realize their goals in the future and help each other in a way" says Sophie. She also thanked UniSilver Time for everything.

Brent Manzano
Brent Manzano definitely changed a lot since his AA days and looks like he lost a lot of weight. Style wise, he's changed a lot too. He says he's really happy and knows he's going to be on time now whenever he's got a job to do with TV5. He even joked about going to the event on time and said that's how he wants everyone to perceive him, professionally and personally he would really be frustrated if he gets to waste others time. He goes on thanking the executives of Unisilver Time that were there that afternoon, and also TV5's Artist Management group who made arrangements for this. He doesn't want complicated watches and loves color, UniSilver Time has that covered. He likes rock designs by the way.

Valeen Montenegro
She's a great host and I've seen her a couple of times in shows of TV5 and AA in the past. She's also the muse of the previous lifestyle show of Philip Abadicio which was sent to a different channel's UHF band. I asked her about not having more projects with TV5 but she turns around and asked me why I came into that conclusion, she actually has a lot right now and says she was never left hanging around by TV5 and gave her breaks one after another. 

She's extremely happy with the opportunities too especially when this endorsement from UniSilver Time came along. She says this is her first endorsement of any kind and lauds her management, UniSilver Time and their executives for having them represent their brand. She's also proud of herself too and thankful being chosen her among a lot of artists in the channel. 

We also talked about precious things that were given to her by her Grandma, it's a gold bracelet that's got several charms and engraving on it, complete with the date of her birthday (handed down). When also asked about how much she would spend on jewelry, she can vouch for around 30-50K if ever she would need to invest on it. She also wants things with diamonds, precious metals so the value would never depreciate. She's been with TV5 for around 5-6 years, and she's really happy where she is right now. She's in "Tropa Mo Ko, Nice Di Ba!" which is like a reboot of the previous show. She's not expecting too much but she's doing a lot of other things on the side (also given by the station, grabbing every opportunity) and is really thankful for it... she goes and says "I cannot say that I'm not happy because there hasn't been a time that I didn't have a project with them." says the gorgeous star from TV5.  

She personally wants vintage looking watches and likes something for the "fashionista". She also likes things that are somewhat sporty too and hope she could work that in the design for the watch they are planning to make with UniSilver Time. 

Martin Escudero
One of TV5's prized actors is Martin Escudero. You must remember him from Zombadings, Obsession, the HIV themed show called Positive, Enchanted, Glamorosa when TV5 started. He's been with the stations for a long time and still treats each project as a blessing. He also likes simple watches and when asked to endorse UniSilver Time he didn't hesitate to say yes. He knows how much they think of quality and affordability so if given a chance to design one, he'll make sure it'll be something that he can personally use. I hope we get to talk to him more the next time we see him. 

UniSilver Time promises you quality, reliability, functionality and style in every timepiece and with these faces in the frontline giving you a more personal view on how it is to own one, you'll see an even clearer view on what to expect when you wear them anytime, anywhere. As they say in their corporation UniSilver Time is always on time! 


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