Karat World x Gretchen Barretto

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Elegance, Refinement and Timeless Beauty. These are some of the words that were lingering that afternoon when we went to the Karat World event at CAV in BGC. Karat World has been able to transcend the norms of the jewelry business by bringing in more intricate designs, thinking of consumers and making each of their products affordable by the masses. For a company made to become something that makes luxurious pieces of fine jewelry, it's not that normal to be in the price points they put in on them. From their humble beginnings in the Visayas, they're now a force to be reckoned with in the jewelry business nationwide, and now they're amping up the ante and bringing in someone that's got the same characteristics as the brand itself. Elegance, Refinement and Timeless Beauty must be only related to one person in the showbiz industry right? Your guess is as good as mine...

Oh yes! She's the new endorser of Karat World, the one, the only Gretchen Barretto. She was so glad she got introduced to the family that's running Karat World. Beyond the endorsement, she wanted to have a genuine relationship with them because they have been truly good to her. The photoshoot which happened a few weeks before this endorsement only spelled how understanding they were when she cancelled it the first time because of family matters. That meant a lot, the understanding that they gave her, even shooting on a Sunday where employees were supposed to take rest... she appreciated that a lot and how courtesy was still given to her. Now, she's going to make sure to promote the brand even better as they embark on Karat World's journey to greater heights as they celebrate their 20th Year in the business!

Gretchen says "You don't really need expensive things to look classy. I love the pieces I got from Karat world especially the earrings and bracelets I've seen in the shoot. My pants are from a local store and my top is expensive (then we laughed), but everything looks "sosyal" on me effortlessly. You don't have to buy expensive jewelry because at the end of the day, it's how you carry it." which I totally agree with.

She also goes on saying "Thank you" to the family that owns and manages Karat World, and thanks them as well for treating her like family. True to the brand's promise of making affordable and quality jewelry to Filipinos, Karat World will be the go to brand on wedding rings, engagement rings or for any occasion for that matter. You'll all enjoy the best international and locally designed jewelry for a fraction of a cost. Congratulations Ms. Gretchen Barretto for being the new face of Karat World in the Philippines! Watch out for the ads and bts coming on stores soon.  


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