Teddy's Bigger Burgers Now In The Philippines

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Aloha! Manila's food scene is blowing up! In a good way that is. The number 1 burger joint from Hawaii is in town and they're ready to hit the Phillippines by storm and do one thing in mind , bring Teddy's Bigger Burgers to Filipino burger lovers in Manila!

They are opening their doors at the posh Greenbelt 3 and got us to take a look at their best sellers. Though before that, we got to meet the founders and their crew from the US and also the Philippines. They came from different states too and have gone miles just to train the people here.

They took a minute or two to explain the menu to us but it's very easy to understand. The burgers are 100% pure beef- and use ground chuck, set as 5 ounces per patty, use seasonings, their secret spice, sauces and 3 choices of buns (potato, wheat or lettuce wrap).

I had the biggest one which is the Monster Double Burger then had the Cajun Burger special topping since I wanted it a little spicy. 

It was HUGE, I had the burger cooked medium like I like it. The ingredients were all fresh and I couldn't have it any better. There were other burgers I've also seen that were equally good. 

This is the Waikiki Burger that my friend had. It's got a hash brown layer so it's going to fill you up quite easily. Add the fries on the side, and you're good to go! 

To end it with a bang, this is the Kailua Burger. It's got mushrooms, grilled onions, swiss cheese that melts on that double ground chuck beef patty. It's something for the books!

Oh and before I forget, here's a deal breaker!

Their Milk Shake is made of legends. It's almost as if you're drinking ice cream with real bits of fruit on it. I highly suggest you go and try it today by going to Greenbelt 3 since they open today. Aside from that, they're giving away 100 burgers to patrons and a years worth to the one who lines up first today. That's an awesome way to start your burger dreams and Milkshake wishes "ALOHA" style as Teddy's Bigger Burgers brings their brand of meaty goodness in Philippine soil! :) 


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