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Sunday, August 24, 2014

There should be no excuse for men when it comes to grooming. Cutting your nails and washing with soap and water just doesn't work anymore. Men have to do it regularly and with the right people to do it for you if it's available. Aside from that, this is a good activity to do with someone special, your friends or family. In the vicinity of Quezon Avenue and Examiner streets in Quezon City, we found just the right place to get pampered like a king. A lone quaint space in Pacific Century Tower's second floor (Room 203) called Princess Hazel Salon and Spa; it transports you to your own kingdom right in the heart of the metropolis.

The theme of course was fit for royalty. The chairs were ultra comfy and this was where I spent most of the time when I was there. Men don't need to squirm at the sight of fancy things nor do we have to shy away from getting the right treatment that could only benefit ourselves in the end. It's fancy but I didn't feel like an alien... we just need to do what's needed to be done but really felt special. So we sat down in the comfortable chair and got ready for foot and hand treatments that I deserve.

We got our hands cleaned, treated with Paraffin Wax so I felt my skin was soft. They didn't hold back on scrubbing either and used natural fruit based concoctions and it smelled quite nice. They also got my foot scrubbed and eliminated some really hard skin off my sole. They also massaged my hands and feet, cleaned it up again and put in chocolate almond masks that magically goes minty after a while. It smelled good and felt so luxurious after that. A short rinse, then dry, then another massage with moisturizers ended that bout. It was nice and relaxing plus the attendants stories in between would amuse you much quite like a jester in a court. They could probably accommodate 12 people in the place but it would be best if you set appointments if you plan to go there with a group. They also arrange small spa parties and whole day pampering because the place pretty much has it all. Color, cut, rebonding, facials, diamond peel, RF procedures for slimming and toning, waxing, massage, body scrubs, manicure and pedicure, it's easy for them. If you live around the area and think your existing salon or barber shop doesn't do a good job with hair and treatments, you might want to visit and try theirs too.

If ladies want something fancy, they've got a library full of colors that can perfect that nail art you've been wanting and a couple or more human hair extensions available for styling too.

For those who are seriously considering to pull off a "Princess" look, they've got tiaras available for sale worth a couple of hundred pesos.Whitening lotions and other products are also displayed in front of the store, so if you prefer to use what they have inside the shack, you can get it directly from them too.

The interiors were very nice. They had a cohesive idea and it even ran up to the stairs. The second floor houses the massage rooms where a couple treatment would be perfect. The RF and Wax rooms are there too so if you need privacy, that won't really be a problem. The amount of regulars I've seen while getting myself pampered were many, but they're not overcrowded at all. The space was probably meant to be intimate, and I like that part.

Ladies, my tip for you is to always bring your partners when you're getting pampered. Not only will you be enjoying the services, but also enjoy the company. After all, Men deserve to be pampered too. Go give them a call at 09165595222 and set an appointment. Or if you wish, just walk in their door located right beside the National Bookstore in Quezon Avenue. Just look for the Pacific Century Tower and go to it's second floor to find Room 203. You can also email so you can check out what they can do for you.

This shop is owned and operated by Hazel Uy. A very young entrepreneur that spurred this idea of putting up a one stop shop for all your beauty and pampering needs. She also thought about it's design and got a couple of her friends to make it into a reality. This is also her first business. She got into the beauty industry because as a young girl she always liked the idea and wanted it so much that after she graduated, she studied cosmetology to pursue this. Business is okay so far but says it's very promising especially on the weekends and Mondays. All you got to do now is ask and go there. The one stop beauty shop and Princess Hazel Salon and Spa would be happy to have you! Oh and before I forget, they've got 50% off on RF treatments, call if you must! Getting treated like royalty wouldn't get any better!


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