Julie Anne San Jose - Deeper

Monday, August 04, 2014

Julie Anne San Jose - Deeper
She was busy entertaining reporters when I arrived at Centerstage in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. I think I''ve covered some of her events in the past for a clothing line but we never really got to talk this much during that event. I glanced at her from this view and saw someone gorgeous, someone pleasant even if I haven't really gone this intimate for an interview before. I remember how crazy people were trying to get news of her over on Twitter and it was not any different during this blog conference. I mean, who wouldn't be startled with someone this talented and nice looking. She's Julie Anne San Jose after all.

Then when she started singing, everyone paid attention. Her undeniable power, finesse and intensity just flourished with each song she dished out of that Karaoke machine. It was effortless and who would believe something this good would come out of that venue. To top it all, everyone was a little shy I think of asking her questions. So I did the next best thing KUMAGCOW can do, I hosted the show haha. Well almost, I just started asking questions holding the microphone up... like a TV show and sure enough, everybody else followed suit. One of the questions mostly asked was about Elmo Magalona because I'm sure everybody misses her pairing with the rap royalty's son. I felt that she was a little ahmm.. uncomfortable. 

Perhaps it's probably because she's been asked of it too many times. Although when I asked her, for the record... they're still really good friends and there are no rifts between them at all. I guess, being in that love team was really special to her but she had to depart from it so she could find a way to make it in the industry on her own. She also wants to be versatile so she can go to other programs without depending on the team up. After all, she's got the talent to back it up. Maybe she just doesn't want it to be saturated, having too much might make the audience a little tired of them. It has its pros and cons but she chose to be without the pairing, she's still there after that and she's even got a new album out... was it effective? I think so. I also saw that the fans still supported her til now and they've got careers that individually have become successful.

I delved much of my questions about her album and how it came about. She's been planning about this album for a long time and she presented a couple of the tracks to GMA Records this year. She's got several compositions. Although she wasn't technically trained in writing notes and all, she's got natural talent in music which she learned from lessons and her father. She knows how to play a variety of instruments too and that helped a lot. Her compositions were all written differently, but mostly it's a combination of writing the lyrics and making the accompanying music for it. When she submitted the songs, she lets the arrangers make the changes so if the lyrics or melody won't fit, they would make the necessary adjustments to make it the best possible song for her. She doesn't mind if they change the flow of it as long as the idea is there, or if it encompasses what the lyrics meant for Julie Anne. She's also happy that she was given free hand to do this and she feels that they trust her. She hopes that now more that ever, people would continue to see her and her music better than the last time she had an album. She sang one of those heartbreaking ones which she dedicated to a past love... we melted.

She's got one heck of a year and this new album would be something that she could share for people who love her, her songs and those who just want to feel love in so many ways again. This is Julie Anne San Jose's album called Deeper. Get it out on stores now.


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