Kim Rodriguez, Jeric Gonzales, K-La Rivera, Anikka Camaya Gives Back To Heroes of Marikina

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Kim Rodriguez, Jeric Gonzales, Anikka Camaya and K-La Rivera
It was a nice afternoon and a couple of stars from GMA Artist Center celebrated their birthdays. What better way to spend it but by making sure our heroes from Marikina City gets covered. Kim Rodriguez, Jeric Gonzales, K-La Rivera and Anikka Camaya went all the way here to give needed supplies for the security and rescue personnel of one of the cleanest and greenest places in Metro Manila. We've seen that first hand yesterday.

To tell you honestly I haven't met them before, and this was somewhat an introduction. With a few questions, I was surprised that they are doing projects in GMA primetime, some of them even have crossed over and plan to make shows and an album later this year. It's pretty good they get exposed to charity work early on as I've seen what goodness comes out of it. I've seen the people so happy to meet artists from the Kapuso network too.

Introductions had to be done first, to get a little familiar with them and the rescuers and security teams of Marikina

Barangay Captain Bernard Bernardo says thank you to everyone who attended the event. He also thanked GMA Artist Center who facilitated and chose their community among others in the metro.
They also thanked them for choosing their organization.

The volunteers, the rescuers and security personnel of Sta. Elena Marikina also joined the part where they had to sing with the artists during the event.
After getting introduced, these artists had some small games in between so they would have interaction with the rescuers. Mind you, these guys keep the streets safe and also serve the greater population of Marikina during storms and flooding in their community. They also stay up very late and monitor security and this is why the crime rate in Marikina has continually gone down. They also don't allow people loitering shirtless out on the streets, or have them drink outside and they also regulate pet ownership by issuing them permits no matter what economic condition they are in. Part of the packs they gave away had raincoats on them which is also important because they regularly use it. 

She's pretty and Sexy.. she's Kim Rodriguez. You've probably seen her in "Paraiso Ko’y Ikaw" (My Paradise is You), and "Kakambal Ni Eliana" (The Twin of Eliana). She wants a simple celebration and that's what she gets. Her family is important and since she lives nearby GMA now, she cherishes times when she goes home to Marikina because her folks are there. She also seldom meets them. When asked what she's expecting with GMA this year, she goes around and says that she's got the best gift ever because she'll be in a new program soon. She's been well taken cared of by GMA Artist center and she's thankful also that they get to help in the community in little ways. She's originally from Marikina and proud of it! We didn't get to talk that much because she had to go to the story conference (of that new soap) that same afternoon, no joke!

Meet Jeric Gonzales, he's from the reality show Protege which happened quite a while ago. He's been paired with Thea Tolentino but I think they are being sold now as individual artists. He celebrated his birthday with family and friends in Calamba, his hometown. They also went to Pansol for a little rest and recreation as that place is full of hot springs. He likes simple celebrations like that especially if he's with the people he loves. He's so glad to be part of this since he gets to interact with the people in Sta. Elena and he knows how important it is to have the proper tools to make rescue efforts a little easier for them. He's also going to be a part of the project with Kim and possibly the Jake Vargas and Bea Binene love team. It's called Strawberry Lane if I'm not mistaken, and they didn't get to tell us the plot yet because the story conference was happening later that afternoon. It's a pretty good project and we think it's being tried to be in the Primetime slot. He's so glad he's going to be partnered differently although I'm sure he misses the team up with Thea. He goes on inviting everyone to follow him on Twitter and IG (@imJericGonzales) so they get to know the latest about him.

Simple, pretty and meek, she's Annikka Camaya. A very lovely girl. She just turned 18 and had a dimple debut celebration, just with super close family and friends in Legende Villas, somewhere in Rob Pioneer. She would have wanted a grander one but this she says was very memorable and intimate, a very good trade. She's matured a lot and career wise it's a good thing because she can now get into better roles, have better choices if she's going to act. She's still spending much of her time working on the craft by being in workshops with GMA Artist Center. She's already gone far from the days she was in "Anak Ko Yan" (That's my kid!). She hopes everything will pay off very soon. She's still in the top rating program Nino which is shown right after 24 oras, which she hopes everyone gets to watch. She's also planning to get a Film making course in the next few months as she also wants to work behind the camera later on.

I find her very charming. She's K-La Rivera. She's from the Star Power search reality show which was hosted by Sharon Cuneta. Yes, she used to be from the other channel but she didn't get much opportunities and her management decided to grab ones in GMA since they can pretty much give her more breaks. She's gone a long way from being discovered by Willie Revillame years ago, and we didn't talk about her ex Tom Rodriguez either. She's celebrating on August 13, and she plans to spend it by having Tagalog lessons in the morning and have lunch and quality time with family. She speaks fluent already but they're trying to take away the small twang she has... but I told her I found that part very charming, and she prolly can use that in so many ways. Taglish is normal nowadays anyway. 

She's into theater too (she did musicals like Addams Family and Carrie with Atlantis Production) so you might see her in Rak of Aegis but it will be the one produced in Meralco Theater soon. Workshops is keeping her busy but is expecting a teleserye before the year ends. She's learning a lot, and doesn't want to name names with those that don't. She says there's always something to learn and it expands you as an actor. She enjoys guesting in Sunday All Stars, they also mentioned that she might get to record an album in the future. She also writes songs but says "Maybe one day I could collaborate", and adds she's to shy to show people what she's been writing about. She's been in ABSCBN for 3 and 1/2 years and understand that they might have more artists to push, she just grabs the opportunities as they come and this is a blessing. She also wants to finish school, prolly a business course when she finally finds time to do it.

The artists would want to thank GMA Artist Center for organizing the event, plus their sponsors Unisilver Time, Mario D' Boro, BS Mobile, Active White, Nisce Skin Care, BNY, Monreo Biscuits, and Fernando's Bakeshop for all the cakes they provided! 

Thank you GMA Artist Center for letting us tag along! Happy birthday Kim, Jeric, K-La and Anikka! Thanks for being so nice during the interview!


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