Have You Seen Those 121 Tweets?!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Is it just me or are you also wondering about these tweets?

It seems that celebrities know what it's all about but when their fans ask, they don't even budge or give us any clue. 121 is a number that does have recall... I wonder if someone's building a restaurant with the same name.... or maybe a shopping mall or brand is selling everything at P121.00. Maybe it's a corporation's 121st anniversary, well I don't think there's any existing corporation that lasted that long right?

Well, I think there's something big brewing in the background. I think these guys will reveal something real soon. For now, why don't we join the bandwagon and post the same - and tell people that you know it even if you don't ha-ha! Maybe this has something to do with Dingdong and Marian's engagement and wedding date? Or perhaps the Batang Gilas games in Dubai? Well, it's all but a mystery to everyone and I wish these celebrities just spill the beans and tell us what this is! I'm going crazy thinking about it last night... I'm having LSS, I'm seeing numbers when I dream... Somebody tell me!  

Do you guys and gals know what it's all about?!! What could it be?!! Help!!!


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