I'm Having A "Nice Day Coffee"!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Imagine waking up to something new... something more than your ordinary coffee for breakfast. This is a Nice Day and we're keeping it that way by having Nice Day Coffee. These are options you would really love because unlike your ordinary ones, Nice Day Coffee has a ton of things added to your coffee, plus... it doesn't even sacrifice flavor. They won't put 100% Premium Quality Coffee on the front anyway if that ain't true! I went ahead and tasted each one to find out how special this is. I'm telling you, this has got to be the best part of it! Ha!

One of the nicest things I've ever gotten in shops in Malaysia and Singapore was White Coffee. Nice Day Coffee amped up this one by putting in Glutathione, Collagen and Sucralose. Now how can you even have coffee that would be able to whiten and make your skin glow in one putting.That's just amazing!

Nice Day Coffee Slim on the other hand has CLA Fat Burners, L-Carnitine, Fiber and Sucralose that promotes normal digestion, cleans that out and gets you to even lose weight. It's low calorie too so you don't have the guilt of having coffee and all that not so good things that come with it.

Nice Day Coffee Cleanse has Ganoderma, Grape Seed, Cranberry, Sylimarin, Spirulina, Goki Berry and Coco Sugar. If that mouthful ingredients used in most Eastern medicine don't convince you that this is one great concoction, I don't know what will. All the good things for skin, for digestion, for what some say keeps cancer at bay... it just makes you feel good and be good all throughout the day!

Just ask Ellen Adarna!

Now if you've got this for breakfast, how can you not say it's a Nice Day?! Go to your favorite groceries and shops and take a load of Nice Day Coffee variants that would fit your lifestyle. I know I'm buying more of the Slim 6in1 Coffee mix! What's yours?! :) What's your idea of a nice day?


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