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Thursday, August 21, 2014

We went all the way to Calamba, Laguna to visit the hometown of the once little girl who dreamed of someday, making it big in the showbiz industry. Through the reality show Protegè, one of GMA's prized actresses was born... and clearly, she has blossomed into a colorful butterfly... a lady. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Thea Tolentino as she celebrates her 18th birthday. Oh yes, the Half Sister star is celebrating her debut intimately with family, friends and some celebrities. I find her very nice contrary to the role she's playing in that series which I regularly watch. Let me give you a rundown on what happened that evening.

Rita De Guzman performed a doxology to start the program. She's pretty dope. I have seen her perform quite a number of times and she's a pro. She also opened for the concert of Aiai and Rico J a few weeks back and this, she did with justice. Some even couldn't help but clap after her song. It's a prayer though. Then the debutante entered the venue.

All eyes were on her as she came out with a full gown created by world renowned designer Francis Libiran. It looked so good on her and obviously she's ready to show some serious skin. The back and the gown's detail up close was definitely a show stopper and it accentuates her without being too vulgar in the right places. She is indeed claiming it, like a gorgeous butterfly opening her wings.

Her face just lit up seeing all her friends and family in the audience... and when we got seated, they started giving special gifts to Thea. 

One of the special people in Thea's showbiz life is Ms. Gladys Reyes. She starred with Thea during the Pyra days and it was funny when she mentioned she wasn't a Ninang of Thea during her speech. Gladys was there with her husband and daughter. Thea was so touched by the gesture, they traveled all the way here from Manila and shown how much she means to them. Gladys is so proud that Thea's also doing contrabida roles now and she's seen a lot of promise with her even then.

Direk Gina Alajar who mentored Thea Tolentino during the Protege days also said a few words. She knows how successful Thea would be even back then in the auditions. She also said that she's not surprised how much Thea has been able to become this successful as she believes in her. Thea thanked Ms. Gina later on and said she will never forget the good things the director has done for her.

Then someone familiar came in the venue and sang for Thea. He's Derrick Monasterio!

Then came the 18 Roses. Of course, it was a mix of Thea's closest relatives and friends. You might know some of them.

The one who plays Thea's father in the series and Asia's sexiest guy, Mr. Jomari Yllana. He was also with his son Andrei that evening who's in his teens already. It looks like he's picking up with the looks of his Dad and his mom Aiko. Thea was surprised to see him to come all the way from Manila. Jomari probably braved the EDSA traffic just like us. That's another story.

Derrick Monasterio showed his moves. He's a good friend and co-star in Half Sisters. Damn good looking too.

He's Abel Estanislao, he's also in Half Sisters and the other successful show Villa Quintana. Never met him before but he was so tall and towered almost all of us. Nice chap.

A little back story, when Thea and Mikoy were going out and Mikoy couldn't drive yet, guess who got to do the job? He's the world's greatest third wheel they teased, he's the greatest friend that's so good looking too. He's Juancho Trivino. This guy's a really good friend.

Thea had her first love team when Protege ended, I got to know him a little better a few weeks ago when I interviewed him for a charity event. He's Jeric Gonzales, he misses their tandem but it was management decision so they now have careers of their own.

All smiles, Thea adores this boy right here. He's Mikoy Morales, he even sang a song to end the evening with a bang. He composed it and had some personal things on the lyrics. It came all together with the Powerpoint presentation that they played while singing the song. It was funny and you can get a glimpse on what they have been doing in the past few months. There were some funny antics about Juancho Trivino too, but let's keep the rest of it a secret. Mikoy also wanted to ultimately get Thea out of town and bring her to Boracay. Dad said yes later on, but with the rest of the family. A gentle compromise, but I think Mikoy is still happy with it. Right man?

To end the 18 Roses, last dance was with Thea Tolentino's Dad. He couldn't be happier with what their daughter has become. She's successful in and out of showbiz and they thanked everyone who made that possible.

Then after that, Thea had a wardrobe change. It was something perfect for the afterparty.

Thea Tolentino wore a pink and purple shade ball gown by Laguna based Fashion Designer Herbert Chavez. We met Thea again yesterday and she told me she had a third gown by Francis Libiran but didn't get to wear it because of time constraints. It was beautiful too.

 Thea Tolentino's Dad, Mom and her siblings. She was so happy and said it's been a while since they last had a family picture. Thea would like to thank Francis Libiran, Herbert Cavez, Zanea Shoes, Fernando's Bakeshop, Made In Candy, Nailandia, Flawless and GMA Artist Center for helping to make this event possible. Thank you also Thea to you and your family for letting us bloggers tag along on your journey to womanhood!

Happy happy birthday Thea! Here's to more years of love, family and friends soon!


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