Jessy Mendiola, Matteo Guidicelli for Line Premium Calls

Monday, August 11, 2014

 It was a nice afternoon to see some really cute things on the lobby of Makati Shangrila in Makati City. Brown the bear and Cony the rabbit were spreading fun as they were about to launch something big in the Philippines. It's time to get connected in a great way by using another service from Line, the number 1 messaging service app in the world! 

The event was hosted by Joyce Pring, popular MYX VJ and all around artist. She announced that LINE is finally going to have their own PREMIUM CALL SERVICE and they are going to have some of the world's cheapest call rates as provided to and by LINE. It's still free to have it when using LINE to LINE calls but if you wish to call cellphones and landlines, you now have the choice to get superb high quality calls through LINE's Premium Call Service.


Greg Kim, Senior Manager of LINE Corporation was happy to tell us that they are continuing to strenghten global leadership and they still remain #1 across 69 regions. He also adds "We'll keep making new features for the app. Selfie stickers, line camera, animation stickers, line deco to decorate your phone, find alumni (so you can find school mates), line weather, hidden chats, line news with inquirer and rappler, line webtoon (comics in web), line games and more." They want to be considered as an app which will be beyond smartphones. They are not going to limit themselves with just smartphone users, that's one of the reasons why they give services to non smartphone users too. They also are connecting to more offline partners soon. They will also now release Line Premium so you can call mobile phones and landlines at a very great rate and promises the cheapest compared to normal calls. 

Stephen Kang, Senior Manager for Business Development Division of Line Plus Corporation says you can use your existing numbers, and still make high quality calls. Calls cost are also going to be displayed on the screen so you know how much you are spending (even in pesos). They did various tests for quality control in Korea. They are number 1 in Japan now and being recommended by various magazines as shown in some of his slides. You can even try it out yourself by just sending the word LINE on the Official Line Philippines account and you'll instantly get 300 credits so you can make those premium calls now.

They even brought their Quality Assurance Testing Equipment into Philippine shores. It even has given us a first person point of view on how they do it real time after receiving a call on the test subject. Would you believe this thing costs around 200K dollars? That's how dedicated they are to make this premium service the best there is in the business. Now, how can you beat quality audio calls plus a cheaper rate? I don't know... but it looks like LINE is going to win this one.

Then of course we got testimonials from Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Gudicelli. They are real time users of LINE. Jessy says she actually used the service when she had to travel to Europe and got lesser charges because it's cheaper when you use LINE. Matteo on the other hand has been using this too to call special people in his life and he's glad to see that they are using it on a regular basis because sending photos and other files is a breeze. You can even send multiple ones so everyone gets updated especially in group chats while using LINE.

Now there's no initial charges, no monthly subscription fees or connection charges because LINE PREMIUM CALLS gets you flat rates wherever in the world you are calling from. Go ahead and download the LINE app on the App Store or Google Play Store if you are on Android. It's going to be easy and cheaper to call your loved ones abroad now that you've got LINE Premium Calls!


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