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Sunday, August 03, 2014

David Voth CEO of Leverage Sports Asia

A few days ago, we were in 55 Events Place in Quezon City to witness a special meeting of the minds. Three parties, people from Leverage Sports Asia, the governor's office of Camarines Sur and the well loved pizza brand Yellow Cab. They are putting up one of the biggest races ever done in the Philippines and it's going to happen next year, on June 14.

They've already done it in Subic last February and they found that one of the best challenges ever, now they are going to have a fast one, something where they could set their personal best as described by the race organizers. From beginners to pros, they'll have them all going to Camarines Sur's location next year. 

Governor Miguel Villafuerte of Camarines Sur
The youngest Governor that I've ever seen I guess, he's Governor Miguel Villafuerte of CamSur. He's proud to say that the province, although they were hit by the recent big typhoon were able to get everything on course in order to host the race next year. They have even  made arrangements for the accommodations, putting up an Olympic like village to cater to athletes and their families which is one of their goals. Presenting the Philippines through their province is a step up, as they show the super nice sports and adventure centered province especially the track for this race and the extremely popular wake park.

Governor Elray Villafuerte, former governor and Dad of Miguel
Former Governor Elray Villafuerte says they are proud to host this and the Triathlon which will happen next year. This will surely gain a lot of exposure to their humble province, boost tourism and get to have people interested in their history as well. It's like a win win situation.

Roy Quejada, CEO of  Yellow Cab Pizza Co.
Roy Quejada, Yellow Cab Philippines' CEO says the reason why they sponsored this even is because they share the same values and they fit perfectly with the goals and aspirations of these athletes. The partnership will also be forged in the next three years and they've helped a lot of sponsored athletes with their fares since doing triathlons would require you to tour around the world. That is a BIG help no matter where you put it.

Julian Paolo Tayag, Director of Hubble Multisport Inc.
Julian Paolo Tayag of Hubble Multisport Inc. says they are also making sure to roll back the entry prices so that a lot of local and international athletes can participate in the event. The Philippines has the warmest people and they will witness a spectacle of 729 athletes hailing from 38 countries that will include celebrities, royalties and even a real deal world champion in the person of Aussie Michael Murphy. Isn't that great?!

Registrants will also have a chance to win a trip to Roth, Germany by entering the contest here. They will be holding the Challenge Roth race there intended for athletes and their families. If that doesn't make you want to join your first triathlon, we don't know what will. This "Fastest Course in Asia" located in Camarines Sur will surely get everyone's Personal Best to it's peak. Make sure you check out the channels below to know when registration starts.

Congratulations to everyone organizing this event. We can't wait to see how this turns out. I hope I can cover this, I haven't been in CamSur actually. Wouldn't it be nice to get lost there in Challenge CamSur? Haha!


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