Kylie Padilla: Seasons

Saturday, August 09, 2014

She is Kylie Padilla
A few days ago, we went to the album launch of Kylie Padilla. For those who don't know, she's the daughter of action star Robin Padilla. She's angelic, she's got Venus like skin, she's an actress who's done a few films under her belt and has been regarded as the Angelina Jolie of Philippine cinema. She did her own stunts in a Padilla clan movie and she doesn't mind doing it again. She looks like she's enjoying taking risks, and this time she's embarking on a new journey and take on the the fine art of music. She's got an album out called SEASONS and says this one represents her life that goes through lots of ups and downs, tons of storms and sunshine. They chose this title because of that same reason.

Kylie just wanted this out of her system and it was awesome of GMA Records to also get this started with her. She even has done recordings of the tracks on her own, paying for the studios because she says this is her passion. She is co-producing it. The process of recording this album took quite a while, about 8 months because she's got tons of work in between. 

Lonely Without You, Sulat and Awake wasn't hers but it was chosen to fit her mood the time she did this album. Gitara was inspired by a photo of a guy (which we later found out was him) where she remembers him holding it and his abs. 

The track Seasons was actually done in a car, the song is about changing feelings... done about 2 years ago. The track Mine was done in a restaurant, which she often does in writing (like a spur of the moment). She doesn't necessarily need to be sad now before she gets inspired. 

She doesn't believe she's really a great singer, but she has her own style. She also wants to build on that. The music on the tracks were done by other musicians and she got her inputs on that. This has 8 tracks and supposedly it was going to be 10 but they had to release it soon. When asked what Kylie they will see on this album, they will see someone real. She acts on TV and on movies but singing brings a more genuine side of her. She's still looking for her own genre and this is some sort of experiment. She was listening to Taylor Swift during the writing process and some say it somehow did come out on the album. 

She doesn't want to shed skin just to promote this album. She knows sex sells, but she's not going to resort to that. She's doing emotional songs and it doesn't mean she has to shed her clothes for that. She wants to sell this album as a full singer and songwriter. It's the most difficult thing to understand because she knows that you would need to read the lyrics to understand what she feels at that time. She also wants to write a song for Julie Anne San Jose, and wants to get her input because they are both artists. She also wants to write for Yeng Constantino or work with her. She's got a ton of songs that she wants to release and it's okay for other artists to perform it. She wants to become a songwriter first, she's also got stage fright so she's learning right now to overcome it. The songs she's writing now are more inclined on Lourde-ish ones but will try to do that in a later album (if given a chance). When we listened to Alive (when she sang it) it felt like Rihanna had something to do with it (no joke), she admits it came out that way because she's inspired by a ton of singers.  

Kylie hopes everyone would get to listen to her album so they would know how much she has put in who she really is on this one. It's now released nationwide under GMA Records so that means, most record bars and stores have it. I've listened to it this morning, all I can say is... she can really sing. Make sure you get Kylie Padilla's SEASONS now!


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