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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yassi Pressman, Joseph Marco, Nadine Lustre and James Reid

Oh yes we had a more intimate interview with the stars of "Talk Back and You're Dead" a few days ago in the offices of Star Cinema in ABSCBN. Four stars namely Yassi Pressman, Joseph Marco, Nadine Lustre and James Reid sat down with us and told their stories about making the movie. They have nice realizations and they also talked about the differences in the personalities of their characters. It was nice to hear it from them straight and none of them had any doubt that they'll really make this a justified performance much like (Diary of  the Ugly) "Diary ng Panget" franchise which they made earlier. From the book, they want to put this on screen and have its differences be something interesting for the ones who have read it and those who are just watching the movie as a whole.

When asked about their characters, lead stars uttered "He loves her and he will do anything for her." says James Reid. "No matter how high you think you are... Your pride, your ego will all go out the window if you love the person." says Joseph... and we were just starting.

Since this is based on a book, we asked them if they have read it already. Yassi Pressman says she didn't have time to read it anymore because the role is a little of a bad girl type, it was already too near the shooting day before they told her that she'll play her. She talked to the writer to get what she thinks the character would end up as, she was all ears and clear with what she envisioned.

Joseph Marco on the other hand only read a few pages before going into shooting the film because he doesn't want to have any qualms or views regarding its interpretation on screen. He also had some things to do with the show Pure Love, but he got the important details and enjoyed the part where he had to wear red hair. 

James Reid read the book in two days and when he read the script, he was excited with the role of TOP since he's going to be a little tough.

Nadine has already read it too, she doesn't read normally but says she cried a lot while promoting the previous film. She says she wouldn't want to disappoint them since the book has loyal followers too. She's confident though that this will be a very good one.

James and Nadine first met in a music video, James said he found her cute already even if she had bangs at that time. Nadine said the workshop they got on earlier with VIVA didn't even had them talking so at the time of the music video, she learned how talkative James is.

James adds, "It's very flattering to compare us to Kathniel because we've been only doing this for 3 months and they've done blockbusters". Nadine says "We're more comfortable now because when they shot Diary ng Panget it was a little awkward" then James inserts, "It took a couple of kisses to get the hang of it!" then we laughed." The boy has a funny bone.

When asked if they would do a soap soon, James and Nadine says it would be up to Viva but they don't think it will happen soon. They are planning more movies than making regular shows on TV and they're good with that.

They hope everyone gets to watch their movie Talk Back and You're Dead which will show on August 20, 2014. This is Directed by Andoy Ranay under Viva Films and Starlight Films. 


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